Quartz and Marble Worktops

Working with rare stone and highly functional quartz composites, Roman Haus helps you elect from the finest in kitchen and bathroom worktops.

Worktops form the foundation to be functional in any kitchen or bathroom. Although you may have several materials and finishes in mind while dreaming about designing your space, we fulfil all your requirements with our fantastic range of quartz worktops in London. Quartz worktops are a perfect blend of science and nature that deliver durability and aesthetics.

At Romans Haus, we bring to you the finest-quality quartz worktops london that are outstandingly designed and crafted by Dekton, Sensa and Silestone. Whichever style you choose to go with, this natural stone will relieve you of the frequent cleaning and maintenance worries. The heat and scratch resistant features of quartz worktops render a secure feeling when you have to rush with cooking in your luxurious kitchen

The beauty of quartz perfectly complements its toughness. When you want this integration in your bathroom, we bring in the ultimate to your doorstep. Our non-porous and exotic-looking quartz and marble worktops in London are not only the strong warriors against abrasion and stains but they also leave no stone unturned in impressing your guests. When you select the natural marble worktops for your elegant home kitchens and bathrooms, you will never be tired of appreciating their incredible sheen.

quartz worktops

An ultra-compact material that blends the raw materials used to make glass and porcelain with the highest quality quartz, Dekton delivers a work surface that is highly-resistant to scratches, heat, stains, abrasions and ice.

marble worktops

Sensa, by Cosentino, is a distinctively beautiful worktop surface crafted from a rare exotic stone. This luxurious yet subtle worktop offers your kitchen an expressive character while performing exceptionally as a work surface.

kitchen and bathroom counter tops

Made of 90% natural quartz Silestone is an astonishingly hardwearing and resilient compound perfect for kitchen and bathroom counter tops.