Bora Kitchen Appliances


Bora Kitchen Appliances- At Romans Haus, we present a vast collection of products, including the highest-quality kitchen appliances. In partnership with the renowned brands like Bora, we are able to offer a unique blend of style, intelligence, functionality and aesthetics in kitchen appliance design. With us, you can choose from the most practical Bora kitchen appliances that make your kitchen tasks smoother. Whether you need intelligent cooktops or smart grills, you can choose all efficient appliances from Bora.

Additionally, you may explore attractive and unobtrusive coffee machines, dishwashers, drawer appliances, refrigerators, steam ovens, range hoods, and other small appliances. Our Bora kitchen appliances especially include the wonderfully designed hob systems. These hobs do not even require extractor fans on top, as they work on the principles of fluid mechanics and get rid of the steam right at the point of generation.

Our hob systems are clean and elegant. You will not witness the grease anymore. Our kitchen appliances ensure to provide maximum flexibility while you get ready to cook your favourite dishes. These are also reliable and easy to maintain. Make sure that you select the most appropriate appliance designs as per your requirements. Our products help making your home spaces more practical and luxurious.

bora kitchen appliances

A beautiful combination of style and functionality – Bora Hob, London.

With their award-winning design and mastery of practical aesthetics, Bora hobs bring thrilling innovation to one of the most practical areas of the kitchen: the cooking hob. By innovatively applying the basic principles of fluid mechanics, Bora has created a system that suctions cooking steam and aromas away at their point of creation. No more extractor fans above the hob, just one elegant installation that keeps your kitchen air clear of grease particles.

A broad range of elegant and unobtrusive hob systems offers maximum flexibility in kitchen design.

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