Luxury Kitchen Appliances

With a finger on the pulse of the fast-evolving kitchen appliance industry, Roman Haus will partner with you to select the finest in design, including icons such as Miele, BORA, Siemens, Bosch and Neff.

It is not enough to get a stylish and luxurious kitchen designed until you possess luxury kitchen appliances too. While your kitchen appliances should look modern and appealing, it is more important to go for intelligent and smart appliances. At Roman Haus, we present to you a wide range of award-winning appliance designs from the leading brands like BORA, Bosch, Miele, Neff, and Siemens. We choose the finest products available in the kitchen appliance industry.

Our selection of kitchen appliances in London is focused on the most practical, innovative and aesthetic designs. When you want nothing but the best for your new or freshly renovated kitchen, we have the appliances that deliver flexibility and functionality. Ranging from hobs and dishwashers to microwave ovens and cooking utensils, we have everything with utmost quality.

We are partners with renowned brands that carry with them a legacy of hundreds of years. This helps us in bringing to you the finest of user-friendly, luxury kitchen appliances. Our appliances are reliable, with the latest technical innovation backing them up. You may turn your space into a beautiful dream kitchen with our convenient-to-use products that are also quite affordable. There is no dearth of choices that can be timeless treasures for your kitchen.

bora kitchen appliances

With their award-winning design and mastery of practical aesthetics, Bora hobs bring thrilling innovation to one of the most practical areas of the kitchen: the cooking hob.

luxury kitchen appliances

Bosch appliances represent uncompromising quality, technical perfection and absolute reliability while offering incomparable choice.

Miele appliances

Known for their dedication to elegance and functionality, Miele offers a staggering range of beautiful, useful appliances that are a joy to experience.

luxury kitchen appliances

A Neff kitchen is no ordinary kitchen. With their first oven produced in 1877, Neff boast a matchless record in developing kitchen appliances that bring creativity and pleasure to the home.

kitchen appliances

With a global reputation built on consistency, reliability and beautiful design, Siemens offers a range of appliances that bring sophistication to every home.


Italian style exclusive collections for design kitchens. For more than fifty years Barazza has been designing and manufacturing exclusive products with matching style.