At Romans Haus, our story begins with great designs and ends up into stunning living spaces, and the rest is immaterial. With a driven and proficient team, we transform dreary homes into inviting spaces that reflect your personality and everything you stand for. This exact scenario played out in Kensington when we undertook a complicated project for one of our patrons. Quintessential of us, we probed what exactly the family was looking for and implemented befitting solutions to deliver a kitchen that’s truly contemporary and unique.

The kitchen represents the best in contemporary with a minimalist and geometric design, asymmetric lines, cutting-edge technology and top grade materials. Space is clad in silky moonlight grey matte finish that soothes the eye and calms senses. After all, the kitchen is as much for eating as for unwinding after a hard day at work. We chose the classic quartz worktop to enhance the kitchen’s appeal and ensure a pleasurable experience. The countertop resists stains, deters bacteria and delivers a consistent stone quality while looking good and lasting long.

With technology integral to a contemporary kitchen, Bora downdraft hob made its way into this project uncontested. Contrary to the conventional cooking systems, the state-of-the-art hob integrates air extraction system into the hob. With the need for placing a cooker hood above, it is eliminated outright, the design flexibility and space efficiency was achieved without sacrificing convenience and workflow. The downdraft hob also impressed with its ergonomics, performance, energy efficiency, durability, smart touch control and stunning looks.

The Kensington project would not have achieved an optimal level of form and function without Siemens appliances. Siemens is a celebrated global brand and one of our premier suppliers of refrigerators, ovens and other kitchen appliances. Our designers are handpicked appliances from a vast inventory for their design compatibility, elegance and lasting value. The sparkling sink and Franke Boiling Tap is yet another redeeming feature of the kitchen, ushering in elegance and design innovation for an exceptional experience.

If the desire to own a similar kitchen is overpowering you, get in touch with our sales representatives who will be happy to help.

Bauformat Kitchen Along side Bora Downdraft Hob, Siemens applainces, Franke Boiling Tap and Deep Veined Classic Quartz with Side Wrap.

Door Finish: Silky Moonlight Grey Matte.

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