IVER HEATH, Buckinghamshire

Romans Haus is obsessed with designing signature homes where life is lived and memories are created. We have been in business for over two decades, catering to projects of all scales and complexities in London through the right mix of talent, technology and ingenuity. The Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire project is just another instance of how we leverage our resources to create awe-inspiring spaces as per the client’s brief. The property is an expansive one, featuring three eco–build two bedroom bungalows scattered across an acre of land. It took some doing on our part but we navigated the entire journey from start to finish through team spirit.

Our personalised, bespoke approach is crucial to designing a living space like no other. Our interior designers studied the project, evaluated its complexities and encouraged the family members to be explicit about their exact wants. The family was keen on a truly contemporary, German kitchen and hence, we went ahead with Bauformat, the leading design house celebrating nine decades of excellent craftsmanship. As any archetypical Bauformat Kitchen, this too mesmerizes you with minimalist and geometric design and asymmetric lines. The cabinets are kept tall and drawers handless to achieve a truly minimalistic design.

To incorporate classic quartz worktop was a unanimous decision considering the elegance and utility it brings in. Quartz countertops are revered for their hardy and handsome attributes, which means they will look good, perform well and last long. Easy maintenance, consistent stone quality and hygiene were some another key advantages that we wished to usher into this project. In fact, Romans Haus features one of the most comprehensive selections of quartz worktops in variety of colours, textures and sizes for all needs and tastes. Here, black worktop was used to create a perfect combination with silk white cabinetry and walls.

The look and feel of the kitchen is furthered with Bosch Appliances. One of our top suppliers, Bosch has a legacy of excellence, as its offerings are surely among the best that money can buy. Eye appeal and performance of Bosch products is backed by fine tuned service, ensuring great kitchens and hassle free experience.

Customer created three Eco – Build two bedroom Bungalows on one acre of land. Bauformat Kitchen Alongside Bosch Appliances, Grohe Taps, Quartz Worktop.

Door Finish: Grey Stone with Moonlight grey. Bali Wood with Silk White. Sand Beige.

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