Iver Heath

IVER HEATH, Buckinghamshire

Special projects are a speciality of Romans Haus. The more the intricacies, the higher is our resolve to pull off the project in a qualitative, exquisite and time-bound manner. Our expertise spans across two decades, having worked on some of the most convoluted residential interior designing projects in London and environs. If instances of our resolve and skills are required, they are readily available, including this property in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire. Here, creating an exceptional kitchen against odds was a priority and we achieved the same.

Merging form and function is always a tough task, which we accomplished through a fine mix of functional layout and appropriate appliances, accessories and materials. Bauformat is one of our staple brands for built-in German kitchens for reasons of aesthetics, ergonomics and reliability. We leveraged the brand’s personalized, bespoke approach to creating a truly customized and distinct kitchen. The lines are sleek, facades are elegant, storage is smart and workspace is intelligent – the hallmarks of a Bauformat kitchen. Bauformat kitchen furniture is handpicked on key parameters, such as design compatibility, ergonomics and functionality.

At the centre lays the island draped in meticulous matt white finish that creates a bold contrast with London Nero wood-grain cabinets and off-white walls and roof. With obscured, handle-less and elegant drawers and a flawless quartz countertop, the island alleviates the appeal and storage and workspace as well. Such an exquisite kitchen cannot settle for anything less than cutting-edge appliances and we mindfully suggested Neff, a brand we have worked with extensively over the years. The side by side oven and flush installed refrigerator, each of the Neff appliancs is thoughtfully engineered to usher in form and functionality.

The deep veined classic quartz worktop was a unanimous choice, as traits like high-quality, eye-appeal, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance were prioritized. The countertop’s Matt White finish came handy in creating colour continuity across the kitchen. When everything is catered to with such diligence, how could sink and tap slip off the radar? Adding spark and sparkle to the premises, we went for stainless steel sink and Quooker mini boiling tap capable of dispensing boiling water instantly.

Bauformat Kitchen furniture along side Neff Appliances, Quooker Mini Boiling Tap and Deep Veined Classic Quartz worktop.

Door Finish: London Nero Woodgrain with Matt White Island doors.