Harrow on the Hill


The bottom line at Romans Haus is to create spaces where dreams and bellies are nurtured and the bliss of being in a family is discovered day by day, month by month and year by year. The same inspiration is aptly evident in the Harrow on the Hill project we recently pulled off for one of our esteemed patrons. The effort was streamlined and the outcome was stunning.

Like we always do, get intimate with the client’s individual needs, tastes and lifestyle, and deliver astounding spaces accordingly. Here, the client was keen on a kitchen mirroring his personality – suave yet subtle – and we tailored every aspect of it with a trademark efficiency and attention to detail. As it turned out to be, a kitchen fit for a connoisseur.

This Harrow on the Hill kitchen is essentially a Nobilia Kitchen, striking a perfect balance between style and substance. Nobilia has close to 7 decades of experience in custom designing unique kitchens to clients’ exact needs and this kitchen is no exception either. The inimitability factor is accentuated by a practical design that ensures convenient, fast and efficient workflow.

The cabinetry is spacious, ergonomic and visually pleasing, a combination that may be hard to achieve. We preferred Gladstone oak with sand beige for door finish to achieve timeless aesthetics. The overall design was complemented with a stunning Franke undermount sink featuring Franke boiling tap. It’s not only the looks but performance is also guaranteed. Leaving no stone unturned to enhance the appeal; we also incorporated a glass splashback.

The run-of-the-mill appliances do not go well with a painstakingly designed contemporary kitchen, which is why we preferred Siemens, a global brand with a legacy of excellence. The Siemens appliances are known to usher in design compatibility and lasting performance even in trying conditions, making them an automatic choice for virtually all high-end kitchens.

The countertops are the mainstay of any contemporary kitchen and going cheap here means compromised looks and function. The obvious choice was Silestone, a versatile, wear hardy and hygienic countertop material. Silestone worktop is compatible with all kinds of decor, easy to clean and upkeep and features antimicrobial protection to keep bacterial build up at bay.

Nobilia Kitchen Alongside Siemens Appliances, Silestone worktop, Glass Splashback, Franke Boiling Tap.

Door Finish: Gladstone Oak with Sand Beige.