Where can I find you?

Our showroom is located at 24-26 Oxford Road, New Denham, West London. There is free parking available and we invite all customers to drop by. We can also be contacted online or by phone here.

What are your opening hours?

10am – 6pm Monday to Friday

10am – 4pm Saturday

Closed on Sundays

What’s in your showroom?

Our designer showroom offers a huge range of visual displays, from entire room layouts to our selection of branded appliances, which you can buy on the spot. Here you can also meet our experienced designers and installers for help, discussion and project consultations.

How long will the project take?

It’s difficult to estimate how long your new design project will take without knowing the specific details of the job. Factors such as the scale of the project, what work is being carried out and the materials used all have an influence on the completion time. To get an accurate estimate, please arrange a free quote in order to take measurements, and discuss the project, as well as let you know how long it will take and what it will cost.

What happens if I change my mind about something during the project?

One of the first steps in home renovation is to have technical designs drawn up, showing what goes where. Once you’ve received this, you’ll be able to better visualise the end result and think about anything you might want to change – a different bathtub, perhaps, or moving the toilet to another position. Making changes before any work has started is much simpler than doing so further down the line. By requesting a quote first, you’ll be able to ask any questions you have and see if your ideas will work in practice. This can help ensure that you’re happy with the end result which, of course, is our ultimate aim.

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