Worktop Buying Guide – All You Need to Know about Quartz and Marble

Worktop Buying Guide – All You Need to Know about Quartz and Marble

Whether you want to design a home kitchen or commercial space, worktops play a significant role in ensuring that the place looks elegant and stylish. However, due to the many material choices available, you may be unable to decide on the factors to consider while choosing the best worktops. In that context, the marble and quartz worktops in London are among the topmost options for modern homeowners and business owners.

Things to learn before buying marble worktops:

From finding use as kitchen splashbacks to countertops, natural marble is quite a versatile material. It is demanded due to its beauty quotient and design range. Explore here some more facts about marble worktops of London.

  • 1. Cost and Resilience: Though a few exotic marble types may cost you slightly higher than other materials, they are worthy of investment. A marble surface is excellent to bear the extreme action in the kitchen. In general, marble worktops are affordable and show resilience while working with hard tools and heavy utensils.
  • 2. Trendy: Royal and stylish marble surfaces are fashionable, as they gel well with any modern or traditional kitchen design theme.
  • 3. Colour/pattern choice: You do not just get white marble for commercial spaces but many colours to install in a home kitchen. There is also no shortage of vein patterns.
  • 4. Maintenance: Clean your marble worktops in London with a soft cloth and you are done. While it is simple to maintain a marble surface, you should also know that it is prone to staining due to being porous. Marble is decorative, but you have to be careful with the use of harsh chemicals and staining foods on it. While it gets scratched easily, marble still makes a durable worktop, especially with sealing.

Things to learn before buying quartz worktops:

When you need an integration of beauty and functionality in your space, going for quartz worktops in London may be a wise option. Below are a few more details about these surfaces before you plan to get it for your home or business.

  • 1. Cost and resilience: Similar to marble, various quartz slabs and finishes may be available at different prices. Yet, this worktop option is practical if you are thinking of long-term value addition to your home. Quartz is firm and dense, and it delivers natural benefits.
  • 2. Trendy: Quartz is probably the most stylish worktop material due to its sheen and spark, as well as its strong crystal bonding, providing it toughness for long-lasting effects.
  • 3. Colour/pattern choice: It becomes simpler to customise a kitchen with several colour and vein patterns of quartz worktops. You get a variety of surface styles and finishes.
  • 4. Maintenance: Being one of the most rigid materials, quartz is chip, heat and scratch resistant to a reasonable extent. As a non-porous material, it also offers protection against microbes and stains. Even though it demands less maintenance, be careful of the hard impact that may damage quartz.

Available with significant benefits like versatility, attractiveness and high functionality, both quartz and marble worktops also need your care as you install the selected styles in your space.