Worktop Buying Guide – All You Need to Know about Quartz and Marble

What makes Quartz Worktops highly desirable

Quartz is an engineered stone manufactured in factories under human supervision. The natural quartz is found in the earth’s crust, but it is not ready to use in its natural form.

Usually, 90% of natural quartz is combined with polymers, resins and pigments to make the hard surface you often find in the form of kitchen countertops. For manufacturing quartz worktops in London, natural quartz crystals need to be mined before they are grounded in fine dust. Furthermore, the resin binders are added under high pressure and heat to form a solid and structured slab. During its manufacturing process, different pigments can change their colour. Here are the top six reasons to consider quartz worktops for your kitchen:

  1. Perfect Pattern

A marble or granite worktop is natural. This means that its pattern comes with various imperfections and has slight changes throughout the surface. Most people adore the natural aesthetic of these stones. But if you’re a perfectionist and only want your countertop to have a uniform and perfect pattern, you need to choose a quartz worktop. Since quartz worktop is human-made, it is easier to control its colours and patterns. This results in a more fantastic choice when it comes to attaining a more uniform appearance.

  1. Durability

Unlike natural stones that often come with pores that are prone to certain flaws like stains, scratches, etc., quartz worktops are non-porous and solid with a combination of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. The resins help strengthen the worktop surface while making it highly durable and resistant to stains, cracks, and chips.

  1. Imitate Natural Stones

The combination of nature and technology in manufacturing makes quartz worktops highly flexible regarding their appearance. Using various pigments, engineers can easily mimic granite and marble effects on quartz countertops. This means homeowners who don’t want natural stones with any flaws can choose marble- or granite-mimicking quartz surface for their home.

  1. Non-porous & Naturally Hygienic

Due to the non-porous surface, the quartz countertops are less likely to show any stains caused by spillage. The non-porous surface also inhibits bacteria or germs’ growth due to no existence of pores on the worktop. This is because due to no pores on the surface, the countertop won’t absorb moisture and prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. Hence, the quartz worktop is naturally hygienic.

  1. Value for Money

Despite being slightly expensive to install, quartz worktops offer many benefits that make them a value-for-money material. The desirability and durability of this countertop, especially with luxe Blanco taps UK, will add value to any home. Meanwhile, this countertop lasts for decades, so the property’s value keeps constant or even increasing if you want to sell your home in the the future.

  1. Low Maintenance

Unlike natural stones, such as marble and granite, which need annual sealing, quartz countertops don’t need any maintenance. You can easily clean the quartz surface using water and mild soap to maintain its functionality and aesthetic. This makes the low worktop maintenance, which is apt for modern homeowners.


Quartz is a value-for-money worktop surface for homeowners who cannot spend too much time maintaining and caring for their kitchen countertop. Plus, its durability and exquisite style bring satisfaction and value addition to modern properties.