German kitchens London

Ways to Create a Stylish yet Functional Modern Kitchen Design

We all dream of having our special kitchen just like those super chic German kitchens. But getting there is not an easy task, as you have to consider a lot of things when designing a kitchen. Don’t worry; we have compiled some precise guidelines to help you create a kitchen of your dreams.

Here is everything you must know about creating stylish German kitchens using minimalist yet practical elements. Consider the following points to turn any bland kitchen to stylish and inviting cooking space.

  1. Choose the right kitchen layout

To create the right kitchen design, you must begin with choosing the right kitchen layout. Some of the common kitchen layouts to consider as per the given space are L-shaped, U-shaped, single wall, parallel or an island. Besides selecting the layout, you must follow the triangle rule in your kitchen that ensures the sink, hob and fridge are relatively closer to each other. For modern kitchen designs, you may consider an open plan kitchen to seamlessly integrate your cooking space with the living area. This gives you the flexibility to socialise while preparing meals.

  1. Decide the overall design of your kitchen

The overall design of a kitchen must be personalised to meet the unique demands of every home. For modern German kitchens London, you must consider clean lines for a contemporary touch. If you want to keep things traditional in your kitchen, you may consider adding warm aesthetic elements like wood, marble, granite, etc.

  1. Don’t forget storage

The modern German kitchens are minimalist but they also have ample storage space. Today, kitchen designs utilise every inch of the given space to make room for every imaginable item in a kitchen. If you have limited space, you may add tall shelving and trolleys to the given space. Wall organisers and open shelves are also perfect for a modern kitchen layout while giving you easy access to every cooking essential.

  1. Consider the right appliances and lighting

For modernised cooking space, you have to incorporate the latest technology and advanced appliances into the kitchen. For instance, consider adding an induction hob with touch control and smart coffee machine into your kitchen. With the right cooking appliances, you’d have every modern kitchen appliance that makes your everyday routine simpler while saving your time.

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Just like appliances, kitchen lighting is also important. Well-planned lighting is important for enhancing the overall kitchen appearance. For modern German kitchens London, you must consider bringing in more natural daylight by installing bigger windows. You may even create task lighting on the cooking area or dining table using a statement pendant or cluster. Also, consider adding dimmable lighting fixtures under wall cabinets and within drawers to make the kitchen feel cosier.

  1. Right colour scheme

A clean and fresh kitchen look can be created with the right colour scheme. For modern kitchen design, you must stick to neutrals like white, grey or pastel colour options. However, you may even create a dramatic kitchen space with black or bright hues. It all depends on your taste and preference. Another clever way to incorporate colour into your minimalist kitchen is by adding coloured stools into the simple interior.

  1. Finishing touches

Even small things can renew the entire space. For this minimalist finishing touch, you can consider adding new handles on cabinets, new taps or new blinds to the kitchen. Backsplash also adds as a crucial design element into a kitchen while protecting your walls from drinks and food splatters.