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Different Types of Stains and How to Take them off Marble Worktops

Many people prefer making marble worktops an integral part of their kitchens because of their tremendous attributes. These worktops are popular worldwide for adding a luxurious feel to kitchens, along with bringing in functionality, durability and elegance. Besides all these positives, marble due to its porous nature has a downside also.

It is more susceptible to liquid stains, as the porous surface allows liquids to seep in when it is not properly sealed. This isn’t a big problem if you know different types of stains that can impact marble worktops and what you can do to avoid or clean them.

What Types of Stains Affect Marble Kitchen Worktops?

The most common types of stains that can interfere with the beauty of your marble kitchen worktop are –

  • Oil-Based Stains

These stains can be caused by grease, cooking oil, butter, hand lotion, milk, etc. and usually appear as light brown and yellow coloured marks on marble worktops London.

  • Rust Stains

These are copper or brown coloured stains that metal cans, nails and screws can cause if they are left on the marble worktops for way too long.

  • Organic Stains

Usually, light brown to dark brown in appearance, the organic stains look like rings left behind by cups and other household items.

  • Mould Stains

Mould stains can affect the marble worktop near the damp washbasin area in the kitchen.

  • Water Stains

Water stains occur on marble worktops either as a result of a water glass that was kept there for too long or by hard water spills coming from the kitchen taps.

  • Ink Stains

Homes with kids usually have these types of stains on their marble worktops, as some children love marking beautiful flat surfaces with pens, markers and highlighters for fun.

  • Etch Marks

Marble is allergic to acidic substances, including wine, lemon juice and orange juice. If these things spill over your marble worktops, they can leave bad and hard to remove stains.

How to Clean these Stains Effectively?

Whether it is about cleaning stains off a marble worktop or quartz worktops London, choosing the correct cleaner and cleaning technique is the key. Most of the stains usually go away with the help of water, mild detergent and a sponge. However, some stains do require a bit stronger cleaner. Never forget that using a harsh cleaner can worsen the condition of your marble worktop, so never use it.

Prevention is Better than Cure

There can be no doubt about that prevention is better than cure, and the same applies to marble worktop stains also. No matter how easy or difficult stain removal is, they should be avoided in the first place whenever possible. For example, you should clean spills as soon as they occur, or else they might leave a difficult to remove stain on your marble worktop. You should also get these worktops sealed as and when required.

Stains on your kitchen marble worktop or quartz worktops London can be easy to remove at times and can give you a hard time also. You can take steps to avoid staining your worktops and also be cautious enough to never use harsh cleaning products.