Trendy Design Ideas to Spruce up your Kitchen in 2021

Although an all-white kitchen is unlikely to go out of style, plenty of new design ideas for 2021 will keep you just as happy. Consider natural elements with flashes of bright hues, and also a trip to the darkness with unexpected shades.

We’re well aware of the situation. You’ve already purchased each electronic device, selected the hardware and meticulously designed your kitchen, but there are options to dabble in colour without jeopardising the aesthetics of German kitchens in London. Here are some new kitchen design ideas to consider for your modern cooking space:

  1. Green is the New ‘It’ Colour

This year, it’s all about the stunning colour green. According to Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval, sage greens will classify the modern kitchen, while more classic tones (such as forest green) will enrich more traditional kitchen designs. Use green to get the outdoor environment in, interact with nature from the comfort of your abode and improve your mental wellbeing.

  1. Smart Kitchen

Technology has made a full-fledged entrance into the kitchen, and not only in the context of glitzy gadgets and kitchen appliances London. You can now have a kitchen that incorporates technology into every feature, gadget and electronic device – from the water taps to refrigerator and lighting. This is referred to as a smart kitchen.

  1. Streamlined Textures & Designs

You want to return home to a stress-free world that drowns out the pressures of everyday life. This generally translates to “simplicity.” It’s all about modern clean lines when it comes to simple looks. Throughout the year 2021, they will continue to be a big hit, especially in kitchen design trends.

While mid-century and farmhouse styles remain to be quite famous, property owners are becoming more streamlined in their overall kitchen designs, aesthetics, textures and alternative materials.

  1. Effective Storage Cabinetry

Among the most irritating aspects of the kitchen, cabinetry is the waste of room. The basic cabinets and drawers are designed in such a way that creates a lot of unused space. Worst of all, usable space is either too small for some of your larger items or too big, preventing you from organising space efficiently.

In 2021, homeowners are inclining towards better storage options within cabinetry to address all their storage woes. Hence, you need to consider more effective and useful cabinetry for your modern kitchen design in London.

  1. Getting in Touch With the Outdoors

Today, homeowners like the idea of linking their kitchen to an outdoor space like a garden, backyard or patio. They’re also creating access points from their cooking space to the outdoor entertainment areas. Connecting the kitchen with the outdoor is easy by installing a glass door in between the indoor and outdoor areas. Another idea is to replace any tiny window next to the sink and replacing with 5 to 6-foot wider windows.


When it comes to your cooking space, a few aspects will never go out of style. For instance, every homeowner wants to have a clean, practical and comfortable kitchen design. If you’re dreaming of a modern kitchen or just need some design inspiration for a quick makeover, just consider the ideas given above.