Transform Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Look In Easy Steps

A kitchen is a central place for you and your family’s everyday routine. Mostly, you start your day in the kitchen with a cup of coffee or tea. Therefore, having a unique and pleasant kitchen design will make you feel energetic the whole day. Similarly, it would help if you had a relaxing bathroom to relieve your stress and relax after a tedious day.

Bathroom Design, London At Romans Haus

Romans Haus specialises in bathroom design and guides you through renovating your existing bathroom or installing a new bathroom. At Romans Haus, you can get the customized bathroom design, London specific, as they primarily focus on your demands. They use premium quality bathroom brands – like ROCA, CROSSWATER, DURAVIT, etc. You get multiple design options and can transform your bathroom with the desired design.

The designs of Roca bathroom London are modelled with ultra-modern principles. Roca also offers you everything required for the bathroom design – like basins, furniture, shower solutions, bathtubs, etc.

Ways To Transform Your Bathroom

    • Gather multiple bathroom designs. Select only those designs that you are aware of. For instance, if you don’t know how Roca bathroom London looks, you can select some other designs that you know.
    • Select the design that best fits in your budget.
    • Select the appropriate components for your bathroom. Make use of top-notch quality taps, showers, toilets, etc.
    • Finally, make sure your design has ventilation for natural sunlight to come in.

Modern Kitchen Designs At Romans Haus

Romans Haus also has expertise in designing kitchens. They have more than 20 years of experience in kitchen designs. They use modern technologies and cutting-edge materials to shape up a modern kitchen design. You can transform your kitchen into a German kitchen design, which is highly popular these days due to its high quality. German kitchens are well-known for their contemporary styles. Romans Haus offers Italian and German Kitchens London design.

Ways To Transform Your Kitchen

    • First, select the kitchen layout. It would be best to go with the triangular rule, ensuring the hob, fridge, and sink are close to each other.
    • Decide what design you wish to have in your kitchen. If you desire a traditional look, you can go with marble, wood, or granite.
    • German Kitchens London have sufficient storage space. So, plan your kitchen design accordingly.
    • Use high-quality and modern appliances in your kitchen.
    • Decide fresh colours for the kitchen. Most probably, you should select grey, pastel, or white colours.


Romans Haus has expertise in remodelling bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens with contemporary styles. Transform your bathroom or kitchen with Romans Haus.