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The Tricks to Mastering an All-white Bedroom

An all-white bedroom is without a doubt a design option everyone wants. However, mastering the all-white look is not that easy and needs some planning. In addition to going through modern bedroom designs for ideas, keep these pointers in mind when planning out your all-white space.

Choose your bed carefully

The centerpiece of any living room is the bed. The idea of an all-white luxury bedroom design will usually include a neutral coloured bed, which complements the white space without standing out too much. Opt for stain-resistant mattresses and bed-sheets to protect the bed from accidental spills or stains.

Complement with soft wood tones

Nothing complements white better than wood tones. Following the current trend featured in a bedroom design London magazine, choose wood pieces to accentuate your bedroom space without adding too much colour to it. Pick warm or darker wood tones, as the lighter hues may look washed out against an all-white space.

Experiment with Shapes

Many modern bedroom designs tend to reiterate on one fact, experimenting with shapes when you are limited with your choice of colours. In this case, playing with different shapes (silhouette lamps, curvy mirrors, etc.) against a white backdrop can provide the much-needed warmth to a room that might otherwise look dull.

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Bring in cool textures

The best thing about white is that it can be used in varying textures without appearing too bold or jarring. To achieve the look of a luxury bedroom design, bring in white coloured or light-hued materials like stone, linen, marble, ceramics, etc. When combined with an all-white background, these materials will add more texture and visual depth to your bedroom.

Accentuate with greenery

If you get tired of an all-white bedroom after some time, consider following the advice of a leading bedroom design London expert and bringing in some greenery to spruce up space. Green lends a vibrant pop to a room and there is no better way to introduce the colour into the room than via natural green plants, which also make your home a happier place.