GSI Bathrooms

Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom

A bathroom is one area in your house that treads a thin line between luxury and functionality. It has to include all toiletries of your whole household, face a lot of heat and moisture during the use, and still appear to be where you can unwind and forget all your worries while bathing or showering.

We understand all this is difficult to balance in one room, so often, bathrooms begin to appear a bit bland over time. However, you can rejuvenate your bathroom by infusing a touch of versatility. For instance, GSI bathrooms work as a one-stop solution for refreshing your bathroom. The stellar amalgamation of classic style and high-end minimalist design can make your bathroom look phenomenal.

Let’s look at a few tried and tested tips to add a breath of freshness to your tired-looking bathroom:

1. Install a Mirror to Add Light and Space

Mirrors are the best addition to any room. For, they can instantly enhance the perception of the overall space, making it appear slightly larger than its actual size. They even give the illusion of more light in a small bathroom or living space. It is best to place mirrors opposite to the window in your GSI bathrooms to reflect more light into a room. Furthermore, the modern mirrors are available with storage space to include many accessories, toiletries and more. Some advanced mirrors also connect with Bluetooth via your smartphone for playing music while you enjoy a hot shower.

2. Install a Brand New Towel Rail

Some homeowners like to hang towels on bathroom radiators. In such a case, you need to know the style of towel rail radiator you want to install in your bathroom. Also, it is best to ensure that you invest in a quality towel rail to provide better heat output, along with extra vertical storage space for handing bathrobes and towels.

3. Get Rid of Leaky Tiles

Sometimes you have to renovate a bathroom for maintenance purposes. One primary reason for that is renewing leaking tiles. If the tiles are on your walls for many years, they may begin to leak at some point in time. If you ignore the issue and remain unattended, you may end up with significant water damage to the floor or wall. To eliminate the possibility of such leakage, you must install a good shower wall with waterproof panelling. It is an excellent alternative to tiles and easy to install over old tiling.

4. Renew Wooden Finishing

After constant use for many years, wooden bath panels and even toilet seats may appear shabby. These areas can get chipped and discoloured while the bath panel begins to ingress water at its base. For a reasonable upgrade, you got to replace them. For a quick modern bathroom rejuvenation, you may consider a superior wooden panel in a smart luxury walnut finish or Avola grey finish.

5. Soft Close Toilet Seat

Fed up of being woken at night by people accidentally slamming a toilet seat? If so, you need to stop this sound with the help of a soft, closed toilet seat. These toilet seats come with sprung hinges that prevent them from emanating loud noises when being close. The good news is that this ingenious option is now available for both plastic and wooden seats.

6. Update Your Storage

Too much clutter in a bathroom may also create a messy shower area. It also makes the area appear a lot smaller than it is. If you feel you have hoarded surplus products in your bathroom, it is a good idea to clean them out. If you cannot throw out everything, it is best to update your storage area. But, you can easily counter with purchasing a bathroom tallboy, vanity unit, or storage cabinet.

7. A Touch of Paint

Give your bathroom a quick makeover with a paint touch-up. You need to ensure that the surfaces are properly cleaned and also free from mould before painting. Also, consider adding light colours to the area to reflect more light around your powder room. It is because lighter shades make a small room appear larger.

8. Add a Few Decorations

You can also consider adding new decorations to improve the overall look of the GSI bathrooms. You can do this by adding some bright contrasting towels or replacing the towel rings, roll holders, shelves, and robe hooks. You can choose accessories to match the traditional or modern style of your bathroom. You may even consider adding some additional accessories, such as a printed shower curtain. Besides, you can add some plants to your dull bathroom space or install brick, stone or natural wood finish to the area for a stylish makeover.


Get in touch with us to learn how to rejuvenate your bathroom and assess your requirements. We are a one-stop solution offering our expertise to ensure you get the best experience and select the best products.