Simple Tips Keep Your Kitchen Clean During COVID-19 Scare

As the coronavirus is spreading rapidly all across the globe, people are being advised by healthcare experts and governments to take extra care. Besides the additional responsibility of personal hygiene and frequently washing or sanitizing hands, you also need to keep your kitchen clean, as it’s the place where you prepare meals for your family.

It is not easy to maintain a kitchen. You have to take care of everything, from cooking meals to cleaning dishes. However, regular cleaning of the kitchen is essential, especially in the time of COVID-19 scare. You never know where the unwanted bacteria or viruses might be lying on your kitchen surface. So, it is crucial to do constant cleaning to keep germs, bacteria and viruses at bay.

Here are some simple but useful tips to keep your kitchen sparkling and preventing the growth of unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses.

Clean Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen worktops are the most used areas in a kitchen, so it needs a thorough cleaning. While the quartz worktops London are considered hygienic due to its non-porous surface that doesn’t let moisture seep in for bacterial growth, natural worktops need extra attention, as their surface is porous. You need to clean the kitchen slabs with soapy water and clean cloth regularly. But for a thorough cleaning, you need to use a proper pH neutral cleaning agent to eradicate germs and viruses from surfaces.

Area Underneath the kitchen sink

Most people neglect the area under the sink when cleaning a kitchen daily. But that’s where most germs proliferate. Therefore, it’s important to clean drains, vents and other pipes once a week to keep these sections free from pathogens and infections like cockroaches and other crawling insects.


Since many food particles fall on your cooktop while preparing meals, it’s likely to allow germs and infections to grow efficiently. Therefore, it’s essential to clean the cooktop properly using disinfectant solutions. But make sure you clean it after turning the stove off.

Kitchen Appliances

Just like your quartz and marble worktops London, even kitchen appliances need regular cleaning to prevent the build-up of infectious germs or viruses. You can use a disinfectant solution for cleaning appliances like a mixer grinder, microwave oven, etc. Cleaning with disinfectant will ensure the appliances are germ and bacteria-free.

Kitchen Towels

It is one of the most used things in your kitchen, as you often wash hands in the kitchen and also use some towels for cleaning utensils and holding warm pots or pans. So, it’s essential to keep them clean by washing in warm water. Also, hang them in the sun for drying to eradicate germ build-up.

Kitchen Sink

From washing vegetables to dirty utensils, your kitchen sink comes in contact with dirt very often. So, you need to clean it regularly to avoid the build-up of grime in the vents. Use warm water and a disinfectant solution for cleaning your kitchen sink.

With these simple cleaning tips, you can keep your kitchen shiny and germ-free without any hassle. Meanwhile, there would be negligible chances of a virus, such as COVID-19, to survive in such a neat and virus-free environment.

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