Luxury Bedroom Design - Bring Wellness to Home

Romans Haus Luxury Bedroom Designs – Bring Wellness to Your Home

Wellness in a home means to create a dwelling that’s not just safe and secure but smooth and relaxing at the same time. If you feel any area of your home lack any of these, you need to consider bringing “wellness” into your abode.

For that, you need a positive environmental change in different areas of your home. Here are some easy ways to add wellness into a living space:

Kitchen Layout

Your kitchen must not only be a place for cooking healthy meals but also for gathering and spending quality time with family. The best trick for designing a positive kitchen space is to create multiple work zones.

You may consider adding a long counter space, where you can divide the areas for food preparation, cooking and also for helping your kids with their school assignments. This way, you won’t only be preparing healthy meals for your family, busy also creating a healthy environment for everyone to come together for food and social gathering.

Relaxing and Safe Bedroom

Besides a luxury bedroom design, this room must be inviting and warm for unwinding. Also, add the right flooring material like linoleum to make it safer and healthier at the same time. Linoleum is known to have anti-static and anti-microbial properties. It makes it a healthy flooring option than hardwood and carpets that often gather dust and debris.

Bring Natural Light into Your Living Room

If you don’t like to hang out much in your kitchen, you might be using your living room for this purpose. So, make sure your living room gets enough natural daylight and quality air at all times.

You may consider adding large windows to the living room to make it the brightest and liveliest area of your home.

Calm and Safe Bathroom

Bathrooms are vulnerable to injuries and accidents due to slippery floors. Therefore, install anti-slip flooring and zero threshold shower next to your bathtub for avoiding any accidents. Also, add some plants or soothing decor pieces to your Duravit Bathroom in London to create a calm atmosphere.


The central part of a healthy house is its soothing atmosphere. So, consider adding such calming and relaxing elements to different rooms and corners of your abode. This way, your home will be your perfect haven, where you can peacefully escape from the world.