Redesign Your Bathroom With The Best Brand In The UK

Bathrooms are considered one of our homes’ most critical areas, a quiet and relaxing zone where we all start our day and end it. When it comes to bathroom designs, London is home to a brand that can remodel your bathroom the right way.

Romans Haus is considered to be the best brand for designing or redesigning a bathroom based on various parameters like quality, reliability, legacy, and affordability. Romans Haus has tailor-made designs for every customer and works with leading bathroom brands to help you.

The Tie-ups That Lead To The Best Remodelling

    • Crosswater Bathrooms

Crosswater Bathrooms is a leading name in the industry when you’re looking for originality and innovation. The designs of Crosswater proves special attention to every minute detail and elegance.

The finest Crosswater ceramics and brassware are favoured to be installed in a bathroom you might have desired. The various varieties of Crosswater bathroom designs offer unlimited options for matching your preferences and style.

    • Duravit Bathroom

Quality and sophistication define Duravit bathrooms. The use of natural minerals called DuraSolid ensures that these bathrooms stay soft and smooth. Duravit offers viable yet comfortable bathrooms.

From methodically defined bathroom accessories and mirrors to closets and their delicate frames, Duravit is known for delivering tidiness, polished and precision in all the bathroom pieces.

    • Fiora Bathrooms

Deriving its roots from the artisanal traditions of La Rioja, Fiora has earned quite a reputation that spans for more than 30 years. Known for their revolutionary use of wood in bathroom design, Fiora bathrooms are committed to delivering intelligent and fashionable designs.

Fiora bathrooms provide various bathroom fittings and quality finishes, including shower trays, counters and sinks, to choose from.

    • GSI Bathroom

GSI bathrooms boast of modern technology, creativity and skilled experts. GSI bathroom accessories are the go-to choice for several people from polished mirrors to beautiful sinks and nozzles.

These bathrooms deliver a variety of styles and designs. GSI aims at total efficiency in its bathroom designs and customer satisfaction.

    • Hansgrohe Bathroom

Hansgrohe bathroom focuses their designs on showcasing a balance between the beautiful bathroom accessories and high efficiency. While many people opt for a more exotic design, others may be more willing to experiment a little. Whatever you choose, the Hansgrohe bathrooms provide efficiency along with a long life.

    • Roca bathroom

Roca bathroom is a contemporary bathroom brand which is known internationally. The brand brings a new innovative mix of modern technology and people’s needs ensuring elegance, comfort and hygiene, the three elements on which the entire domain is based upon.

Roca bathrooms provide such features that boost performance, durability and efficiency of bathroom appliances keeping in mind customers’ needs first.


Remodelling your bathroom space to add charisma to your home is a good investment. However, this project costs a substantial amount of money, but if it is done aptly and carefully, then you are very close to achieving your dream of a luxury bathroom. Romans Haus is an organization that is known for its excellent craftsmanship and exotic designs.