Crosswater Bathroom

How to Re-decorate your Bathroom like a Pro

Do you know, after the kitchen, your bathroom is the most expensive space to renovate? But you don’t require a gut renovation for making this area feel premium. If installing a brand new shower, luxe bathtub and premium marble tile is not on your list, there are still various ways to redecorate your bathroom without spending a fortune. 

All you need to do is consider upgrading Crosswater bathrooms with small details, such as mirror, lighting, bath mat, etc. This way you can easily upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom interior without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Here are some easy and affordable bathroom redecoration ideas to turn your shower room into a calm place to unwind. 

  1. Replace Bath Mat

A tired or dirt-filled bath mat can make the bathroom appear unkempt. If you feel your bath mat has started looking bad, it’s time to replace it instantly. Even the fanciest Roca bathrooms London can be elevated with terry cloth mats like Persian and Turkish rugs. These tufted rugs are soft and an ideal substitute for a bath mat. To add dimension to your bathroom interior, you may consider these rugs in beautiful patterns and hues.  

  1. Install a Mirror with Flair

Unfortunately, most of us stick to contractor-grade mirrors from any local hardware store. By when selecting a mirror, you need to consider choosing the one with more personality. You can even pick the mirror with clever storage for storing medicines and bathroom accessories. With such a mirror, you’ll not just elevate the look of the bathroom interior but also get a space to keep your belongings. 

You need to search for interesting mirrors in unique shapes or vintage detail to add ample light to your bathroom. If you are on a budget, you can go to flea markets for more budget-friendly options. 

  1. Spruce up Bathroom with Plants

Add some life to your bathroom by installing some lively plants in your bathroom from your local garden. Putting a few houseplants into your bathroom interior will instantly brighten up space with texture and colour. Moreover, these plants will look great in your neutral-toned bathroom space. 

  1. Get the Hang of It

Ever heard the phrase, “A place for everything, and everything in its place”? Interior designers are great at the successful placement of products in a bathroom. To make your bathroom space look clean and less messy, you need to add a small hand-towel ring next to the sink, a rod for hanging bath towels and a hook for hanging bathrobes. With these simple yet functional additions to your bathroom, you can easily make the bathroom appear clutter-free and organized. 

  1. Don’t Stick to Basic Lighting

Don’t stick to basic lighting for your bathroom space. You can consider adding decorative overhead lighting to your interior. You can purchase such fancy bathroom lighting from a budget store. Switch your contractor-grade fixture with a fancy chandelier or elegant ceiling or beautiful lamp over your vanity or bathtub. This lighting installation will instantly transform your GSI bathrooms without spending too much.


With the installation of small budget-friendly decor pieces and fixtures, you can easily give a stylish makeover to your bathroom. You can consult a professional interior designer to get these installations done in your powder room and give it a luxe look at an affordable cost.