Kitchen Appliance Brands that were Popular in 2020

Kitchens are special and people do go to great lengths to ensure making ones in their homes as appealing, functional and welcoming as possible. Suppose you have already invested in a modern and high-end kitchen design and are looking for something that can help make the space complete, then you should be shifting your focus onto the smart kitchen appliances in london.

They would help you make your kitchen look all the more appealing, enjoyable and effective to work in. Here are some of the biggest and the most popular kitchen appliance brands for your reference, which ruled 2020.


If you are someone who desires to have a kitchen design that reflects functionality and your lifestyle, then Miele appliances London should be your definite choice. This leading brand specializes in rolling out a wide range of cooking, dishwashing, coffee makers and cooling and freezing appliances, which all can be customized as per individual ideas and personal requirements of buyers.

The brand also offers a comprehensive range of original accessories, which people can use for achieving perfect results every time they use Miele appliances. With these accessories, you can adapt the appliances to suit your requirements and application needs in the best ways possible.



If you are on the lookout for kitchen appliances that excel in terms of durability, energy efficiency, performance and looks, then Bosch is one brand that you shouldn’t miss. The brand rolled out a wide range of both large and small kitchen appliances, which speaks volumes of use of high-quality materials and first-class workmanship. You can check out Bosch’s complete range of wonderful ovens, refrigerators, cookers and other large and small appliances.


If you have been in love with stunning yet simple Duravit bathroom London designs, you can check out kitchen designs and appliances from the same very brand. It can help you give a fresh and extraordinary look to your kitchen, which you have always yearned for.


This should be your brand choice if you wish to add unique and groundbreaking taps to your kitchen. This tap can dispense instant boiling water, which can come handy for multiple kitchen operations. The ergonomic design makes the tap easy to use, and its stunning features help enhance the beauty quotient of the kitchen. You can get it installed alongside your regular tap on the worktop.

Nobilia kitchensNobilia

A designer kitchen or modern kitchen design London manages to turn heads because it flaunts a combination of bold materials, a high degree of functionality and strong colours. For such sought-after kitchen designs, many people relied on brand Nobilia in the year 2020. If you are also impressed by its kitchen designs, then you can invest in one or can simply start with adding high-quality and aesthetically appealing kitchen appliances from this brand.

Whether you have Bauformat kitchens or any other modern kitchen design, for that matter, you can end up making your kitchen all the more functional and impressive with the right choice of kitchen appliances.