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Modernising Your Kitchen: Things To Consider

One important fact is: the kitchen is one of the most used sections of the house. Food is the most basic necessity of life after air and water, and therefore, your kitchen is where you’re either preparing your meals or eating them, and as such, the sink seems to fill up with dirty dishes sooner than you can get them washed. The high of working in a brand new kitchen does not seem to stay for long if you’re stuck in there all day, every day. So once in a while, it is necessary (provided you have the cash) to get the place renovated as it breaks the monotony of the area and postpones kitchen-depression.

Here are a few simple ways that can help you modernise your kitchen.


Bring flowers into the kitchen. It will not only give a pop of colour to the place but also add to the fragrance. Get long-stemmed, colourful flowers and place them in a transparent glass vase. Add a few stones at the bottom to keep them in place. It adds to the aesthetics of the home and also does not cost much.


It is best to allow natural light into the kitchen. Try to keep the colour tone of your kitchen as light as possible. Re-paint it if needed. If not, add a coat of paint of a lighter colour. Let the light bounce off the walls and cabinets and brighten up the place.

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Replace some of the knobs and handles. Hardware is the jewellery to the cabinets. This won’t cost much and replacing a traditional handle with a sleek and chic one will give it a modern feel.

Now if you have serious money to spend, you can also consider investing in some new equipment. Hacker kitchens in London offer extremely durable equipment that is sure to last years.


Modern kitchen design dictates that you innovate. Play around with your storage space. Some cabinets have stiles, which is the vertical wall dividing the cabinet into two vertical halves. Removing that will give more storage space and provide a new feel to the kitchen. Similarly, you can also opt to remove some of the shelves in the cabinet if you’re feeling adventurous enough.