Modern Bathroom Ideas to Consider

Modern bathroom design focuses on a minimalist, simple and clean look. When designing a bathroom in modern style, you need to think of geometric shapes, patterns, minimal hues, mid-century furniture and clean lines. No matter your bathroom is small or large, you can easily add a luxurious touch to it with simple additions

.Since you use bathrooms every day, they must be designed to suit your style. From cheery and bright to elegant and sophisticated, there are various ways to transform your Roca bathrooms London into a relaxing, luxe and refreshing oasis. Here are the three best modern bathroom ideas to consider for your home:

1. Mid-Century Bathroom Style

The mid-century modern design is associated with the graphic, architectural, furniture and interior style of the mid-19th century. This particular look consists of natural hues, geometric shapes and straight lines. The bathroom furniture and fixtures are the right way to start while designing a modern bathroom. You can create a focal point by adding a modern armchair in a corner of your room. Or, simply add a small sofa in the given space. You need to look for colours and patterns that blend with the mid-century style. You can also look for similarly fashioned faucets, bathroom hardware and showerheads. This way, you can conveniently design a perfect modern mid-century bathroom.

2. Minimalist Design

Modern design is associated with simplicity. So, you need to ensure that you keep the bathroom area free of clutter. You can use built-in cabinetry and shelving for hiding your unwanted personal items. Also, tuck away novelty items and toiletries to focus just on a clean, relaxed space. Avoid adding too many accessories and clutter into a room. You can select backsplash and tile with geometric shapes for adding character and interest without compromising on minimalist design.

This won’t just be a cool bathroom design idea but also a great way to distinguish your bathroom from other rooms in your house. You can even consider adding marble in your modern bathroom design for the ultimate modern and minimalist interior design. After all, nothing says extravagance like a well-cut piece of marble.

3. Freestanding Bathtubs for a Fancy Bathroom

Like the freestanding shelving units and furniture in modern kitchen design, freestanding bathtubs are staples for modern bathrooms. Since balance is the key, you need to keep everything in symmetry. Also, place things strategically to enhance the overall look of your modern bathroom.

Conventionally, bathtubs are available in an oval shape. However, a pedestal or rectangular tub makes a bathroom appear more spacious and modern, and freestanding tubs are a luxurious and classic staple in many old-money homes. You can easily install them in your home for a relaxing touch.


Modern style means different things to various people. But typically, when you refer to modern bathroom design, it’s all about minimalism and organisation. You can consider any one of the mentioned modern bathroom design ideas to upscale your bathroom interior in 2021.