Marble vs. Quartz Worktops: Factors You Must Not Forget

When it comes to worktop selection, marble and quartz are the two topmost options that many people consider. After all, these two materials are renowned for their outstanding beauty and durability. As both the materials are so good, people often find it difficult to make a choice. If you also belong to this category, you are on the right page. In our guide below, we will focus on several important factors that you must consider for choosing the best worktop material out of the two options.

Both marble and quartz worktops have an amazing appearance, which is apt for giving a luxurious and exotic feel to a home. However, you should never install quartz worktops London or marble worktops simply because they look good. You must look into other factors, such as maintenance. As marble worktops are porous, they are more prone to staining than quartz worktops.

Another factor is consistency in design and pattern, which is there in quartz and absent in marble. Quartz is a manmade material that can be given the same pattern and colour each time, whereas marble is a natural stone and comes with different patterns and colours.

Heat Resistance
If you are thinking of installing quartz or marble worktops London in your kitchen, then their heat resistance is one factor that demands your attention. Hard quartz worktops are believed to be more heat resistant, whereas marble worktops tend to show hairline cracks if exposed to sudden temperature change. However, it is advised to never put hot pots and pans directly on either of these surfaces.

If you buy high-quality quartz worktops London and install them in your kitchen, you would realize how little maintenance they require. This is because they are sturdy, don’t stain easily and don’t even require sealers or special cleansers. On the other hand, marble worktops do require sealing from time to time and you have to clean them with ideal cleaners to keep them in good condition. Marble worktops will stain if exposed to acidic liquids, such as vinegar and lemon juice.

Both marble and quartz worktops have their benefits and a few downsides also. This means you have to think in terms of your usage and application while choosing between the two. For example, the location where you intend to install the worktop also affects your decision. As quartz is a non-porous material, its worktop can be an ideal choice for a kitchen or bath. Since marble worktop doesn’t conduct heat, it can make a perfect installation for a baker’s kitchen.

While choosing between marble worktops London and quartz worktops, you would realize that the marble worktops are more expensive. However, after the customization and installation of both the worktop types, the cost difference isn’t usually that dramatic.

If used properly and cared for, both marble and quartz worktops rarely get damaged. If they do get minor damages and chips, you can buy DIY kits to fix them all. However, professional help is required for dealing with major breaks and larger damages.

Both marble and quartz countertops are great investments. However, people must look into some essential factors for making an informed choice.