Latest Kitchen Design Trends and Ideas for 2021

Kitchens are the most functional spaces in our homes. It’s not just a place to cook. It’s where you cook, eat, discuss things and even attend online meetings if you are working from home. Gone are the days when the kitchen’s appearance wasn’t a priority. People today want stylish, trendy and fully functional kitchens. German kitchens in London have gained a lot of popularity during the last few years. The customized and modular designs let you create your dream kitchen even in the limited space available.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or build a new one, look at the trends and designs set to be famous this year.

  • Shades of Red are Ruling 

Don’t think of bright reds and scarlet. The reds we talk about are softer and closer to pastels. The matte effect brings class and elegance to the bold colour. And your kitchen won’t look too flashy either. Also, only a part of the kitchen uses a red colour. Say, the cabinet or the island.

  • Blacks, Grey and Darks Dominate

There was a time the pristine white kitchen was super famous. Now, it’s time to turn to the dark side. Shades of grey and black are gaining more preference for modern kitchen design in London. The dark counters and backgrounds are balanced by using lighter appliances and cutlery. Bring wood into the mix, and you’ll have a rustic-themed kitchen ready to serve.

  • Smart Storages

Your kitchen needs a lot of things, and you cannot compromise on this. Smart storages ensure that you fit all the equipment in the cabinets in their respective slots. It doesn’t matter how small or big your kitchen is.

  • Minimalistic Approach Finds Approval

With minimalism becoming a way of life, it’s become a trend in kitchen designs too. The focus here is on having more free space and less clutter. The pace is emphasized using sharp lines and patterns either on the floor or on walls. The kitchen appliances in London are hidden in the cabinets to create a simplistic effect.

  • Greens and Blues Bring a Touch of Class

From sage green to forest green, the deeper shades are entering the kitchens with confidence. A wall cabinet in matte forest green paired with a white counter would be perfect for open kitchens. Add black appliances to balance the colours. If green is not your colour, try navy blue. It’s the next colour many people are opting for.

  • Dual Tones and Textures

The surfaces in the kitchen don’t have to be plain. Wall tiles, the island or the counter and the furniture – textures can bring out the contrast and highlight the kitchen. Don’t limit the colour combinations to walls or cabinets in German Kitchens in London. Include the lights, appliances, furniture and counter.

Contact Romans Haus to get customized services for modern kitchen design in London. They are sure to give your home a fresh new look to suit the latest trends.