Know What Makes Bauformat Kitchens a Cut Above The Rest

A kitchen design should be warm, comfortable, aesthetically appealing, functional, and smart. It should also be luxurious and stylish enough to leave a stunning impression on the guests. German kitchen designs are one of the most popular and widely recognized kitchen designs across the globe.

Bauformat is a leading German design house that brings the best of German kitchens to London. Let’s find out why Bauformat kitchens in the UK are a cut above the rest, and how they can be the best option for you.

Variety of Styles

German kitchens are popular for their modernity, and for providing homes with the desired feel and appeal. This holds especially true for the kitchen designs by Bauformat. These designs are not only up-to-the-minute, but are also available in contemporary, traditional, and mid-century styles. For a dream kitchen, people can choose any one or a mix of these aforementioned styles.

Bespoke Solutions

For people who like everything in their home trendy, German kitchens are indeed the best options. Every aspect of these kitchens is designed and planned to suit exact client expectations and requirements. Take, for example, the length and width of the worktops, which is set to suit the space available, and for optimizing the space utilization. Another factor considered while deciding on the length and width of the worktops is the work requirements of clients.

Durability and Strength

German-made stuff has a reputation for exceptional durability and strength. Bauformat kitchens UK are no exception. Manufactured and installed with precision, these kitchens have been designed to stand the test of time. Throughout the manufacturing process, everything is double-checked and ensured so that only zero-defect and ideal products leave their manufacturing facility. Every little part is tested under strict conditions for analyzing its strength. As far as the surfaces are concerned, they are tested using various chemicals.

Smart Features

Besides durability and strength, German kitchens are popular the world over for their smart features. These functional kitchens are apt for modern homes and lifestyles. In other words, these kitchens flaunt so many innovative features that altogether make the space convenient and fun to work in. Even the smallest of things in the kitchen are paid ample attention and care. Bauformat kitchens UK have high-tech appliances, such as induction hobs, Wi-Fi-connected built-in ovens, hideaway extractors, wine fridges, integrated coffee makers, boiler taps, and more, aimed at making lives convenient.


Gone are the days when kitchens were only considered spaces where food is made. Earlier, little or no attention was paid to their aesthetics. However, kitchens today receive as much attention and care as the other spaces in a home. Rather, the rooms surrounding a kitchen are planned in such a way that they kind of complement the kitchen décor. Coming to the German kitchens, they not only look stunning but also are customized working spaces. There would be nothing wrong in mentioning that German kitchens make style statements, and they inspire.


Some kitchen designs, especially referring to modern fitted kitchens, are not easy. One cannot do much to make them feel and look exactly as desired. However, such is not the case with German kitchen designs, as they have flexibility as one of the features. Everything can be chosen and designed to suit the exact requirements. For example, the placement and height of each unit can be done to make the space as comfortable to use as it can be. If the space available is less, the space-saving solutions can do the trick. Hidden drawers and racks can serve your storage purposes without taking up extra space.


Everything about German kitchens is exceptional, and so is their lighting. It is done in such a manner that it makes the entire space and the home appear elegant and stylish. Preference is given to natural lighting during the daytime so that every natural light source in the kitchen is optimized. The hidden and recessed lights are used smartly for giving the space a smooth and streamlined look. Sitting above the crawl space, the recessed lights give a subtle effect. Hidden lights, on the other hand, are there to back up recessed lighting whenever required. These are perfect for the kitchens and the specific areas that require an additional light source. Feature lights are also used across Bauformat kitchens UK to add extra interest and personality to the cooking area. However, they don’t have to be used necessarily. If you wish any other type of lighting to be installed in your kitchen, you can ask your German kitchen designer to do the needful.


German kitchen designs are in demand the world over because of their tremendous qualities and unique features. Bauformat kitchens UK is one of the leading German kitchen design brands, providing stunning kitchens.