Kitchen Designs You Can Try Out in 2021

Whether you are planning to remodel an old kitchen or wish to design a new one, you would require good knowledge about kitchen designing. For example, you should know the latest kitchen designs, such as the ones provided by Bauformat kitchens UK. When you understand them all, you can be in a better position to shortlist the most appropriate design options for your kitchen. Here we are with some of the most popular kitchen design trends that you must consider in 2021.

Glass is Making a Comeback

Glass in kitchen design is making a comeback. For example, fluted glass or smoked glass is being widely used in the cabinets or pantry doors. These glass types used to be popular in old kitchens but they are continuing to provide the desired functionality and look to even modern Nobilia kitchens London. Fluted and smoked glass on the cabinets helps conceal the stored items while giving an open and airy look and effect.

Bar Counter

If you wish to redesign or remodel a big kitchen as per the latest kitchen trends, incorporating a stunning bar counter is one idea that you must consider. You can install a super stylish, attractive and functional bar counter that best suits the space and your taste.

Hidden Range Hoods

If you have had exposed range hoods in your kitchen for a long time and wish to bring a change in that look, you can go with this latest kitchen design trend. It is all about having hidden range hoods in the kitchen, which can be covered using custom boxes, cabinets or even the same tiles that have been used for the kitchen backsplash.

Eco-Friendly and Natural Materials

If you have recently checked out new Bauformat kitchens UK designs, you must have noticed a common feature in them all. That’s the use of more environmentally friendly and natural materials inside. You can use wood not only for making your kitchen cabinets but also the flooring, walls and furniture to minimize plastic use. You can also opt for other things, such as eco-friendly sinks and faucets, recycled kitchen appliances, FSC certified cabinets and countertops made of sustainable materials.

Accent Elements

If you find your kitchen dull, boring and with no charm, you can try to add some accent elements to it. By doing so, you can end up making a thing or two highlights of your kitchen. For example, you can install chunky and bling cabinet knobs and handles to your minimalist kitchen design.

Minimalism is the Key

Whether you check out the latest Nobilia kitchens London designs or more, you would notice how popular minimalist interior design is in kitchens. Rather, this trend has been there for long and still isn’t losing its popularity. Minimalism is all about getting rid of the extra things and just sticking to the basics. As a result, this kitchen design trend would give you a kitchen that has organized cabinets, minimal colours, no handles, a few decorations, etc.