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How Will the Kitchen of 2022 Look? Here’s a Peek

As 2022 is fast approaching, you might be looking for a trendy kitchen design to upgrade your cooking space. However, there are so many styles and design ideas out there. So, it becomes overwhelming for homeowners to choose the right one.

That’s why we have curated a list of trending kitchen designs in 2022 to give you some idea of what to expect in the coming months. With these modern kitchen designs, you can easily plan out your new space with confidence.

1. Green Will Remain in Trend

If we consider the announcements from the leading paint brands, bringing the outdoors inside will remain a key factor for modern kitchen design in 2022. Whether you like muted green or a bold shade of green, this hue is here to stay even in the coming year. So, you need to look for different shades of green to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen interiors. You can incorporate this color into your kitchen walls, cabinets, or furniture units. No matter how you decide to add this green hue to your kitchen, it will surely increase the aesthetic appeal.

2. Closed-Off Kitchens are Playful

Unlike the open-plan kitchens, you will see more of the closed-off kitchen design in 2022. It is because now homeowners want to separate their food preparation area from the living room. We are seeing that new flats or apartments in New York City and other regions are incorporating kitchens as separate rooms. We are also getting increased requests for enclosed cooking spaces in the suburbs.

Since most of us are returning to the office, flexible work arrangements have become a new norm. So, everyone wants to spend time away from electronics. So, the kitchen is the ultimate area to escape all these distractions of 24-hour social media connections and work cycles. This will be the new space to spend quality time with your loved ones while baking your favorite cake. Or you can interact with your kids here while preparing dinner. Having a kitchen as a separate room rather than making it part of your living room gives it a more intimate feel. So, be ready to have the individual jewel-box areas that you always wanted.

3. Focus on Cabinetry

Another common style for modern kitchen design London is the growing interest of people in cabinetry design. While we love the wood ranges like oak, walnut, and more that are used in cabinetry, designers are predicting the expansion of more materials for cabinetry designs in 2022.
We believe that there will be more unexpected materials, such as glamorous stone, plaster, and concrete. These materials now won’t be limited just to the countertops but you will see more of them on your kitchen cabinets. According to Heather Weisz, South Florida-based designer, furniture-like cabinetry and luxe metals will also be seen in stunning cabinet and door styles in the coming year.

4. Sustainable Kitchens

Sustainability is becoming more important with each passing year. This is what we’ll see in our homes in 2022 as well. With a sharp increase in green cooking spaces, more people are demanding sustainable kitchens. There are various steps to take for ensuring an eco-friendly kitchen design. It can be done by taking small measures like fitting an efficient recycling bin or purchasing A-rated energy-efficient appliances.

You can also consider sourcing recycled materials and recycled elements for your kitchen design, such as worktops, cabinets, etc. Also, choose the ones that are produced with renewable energy processes.

5. Statement Kitchen Lighting

The lighting scheme for the kitchen will take a center stage in 2022. This will be due to the layers of lights. Since kitchen lighting is now recognized as an important element of this area, you have to take it seriously.

However, in 2022, the lighting for the kitchen will be practical and stylish at the same time. For that, you may consider adding huge pendant lamps. These are perfect dangling statement pieces to add glimmer into the cooking space. All thanks to their metallic coatings, these hanging lights will be the center of attraction in your kitchen. That’s how these statement pieces can amp up the look of your cooking area.

6. Pantry with Glass Doors

If you are not very organized, this is one trend to look away from. However, a pantry with a glass door will be a big trend for modern kitchen design London. It is because the pantries are not on the top of the wish lists of most homeowners when they are designing their new kitchen.

A pantry with glass doors made of industrial-style metal frames is one interesting design element. When put together nicely, this inventory is likely to add more style to your kitchen. If you are still doubtful, you may consider using pantry doors with fluted or frosted glass.


So, these are some of our expert predictions for the hottest kitchen trends in 2022. This will help you create your dream kitchen with all the latest design elements that are practical at the same time.