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How to Organise an Open-Plan Kitchen Pantry

Open plan shelving has become one of the most popular kitchen designs that many homeowners love. While some people love the way how open shelves showcase crockery and pottery as art pieces, many like to avoid it to stay away from extra dusting and potential clutter.

But don’t be disheartened if you want an open pantry. If you know the right ways to put it together, you can easily have an open pantry while making your kitchen appear stylish at the same time. Here are some clever ways to set up a stylish open kitchen pantry without any mess:

  1. Consider the available space

The very first thing to consider is the available space and the kind of storage and shelving that would go well with space you already have. If there is a narrow space, you must opt for open shelving. However, roomier spaces have the option to choose between the open pantry and the one with doors.

Another interesting option is pull-pot drawers to transform your average cupboards into well-arranged drawers. This enables you to see all the contents of drawers without any need to root around in the back.

  1. Floating shelves

Floating shelves look great in German kitchens in London. You might install four large floating shelves for food canisters or oft-used items to have that chic open pantry vibe. This is also an interesting way to check out whether or not you like the look of an open pantry.

  1. Add freestanding shelves

Freestanding shelves are another great organisation item for the open pantry. You can add such shelving onto the countertop, corners or an open wall. You can easily create minimalist yet attractive open pantry look by installing only five shelves with uniform heights. While such a pantry’s shelving is built-in, you may create a similar feature in your house with freestanding shelving units to fit different dimensions of the available space.

  1. Find the right organizers

You may even look for the right kitchen organisers for storing each item. You can find many food storage options – from glass jars to plastic containers and classic storage boxes – that are stylish yet practical. Decide how you’d like to decorate the given space in your kitchen and then start looking for the right organisers.

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Baskets are also useful organising tools and quite budget-friendly as well. Even wire shelving is less expensive while providing additional height to a pantry, along with extra storage space. For foods like canned vegetables or cereals, you may look for the best air-tight plastic containers. Don’t forget to label the foods when you remove them from their packaged boxes or bags.

  1. Avoid buying in bulk

For large families, it’s an ideal option to buy food in bulk. But don’t just buy food items because these are on sale. When you do so, the food may go bad, as there is unnecessary food in the pantry that you’d not be able to consume. Moreover, bulky containers make the pantry area appear more cluttered and messy. Instead, try to buy whatever is required and you would be consuming. If you want to buy in bulk, make sure there is enough space to store the extra stuff.

  1. Add some decor pieces

Pantry in German kitchens is not supposed to look like bland spaces. You can even add some aesthetic charm to the area by adding elegant decor pieces. The decor pieces should not be expensive.

Even the simplest touches may help you create a well-organised pantry. For instance, you may add wallpaper or paint the wall behind the shelves to add a fun pop of hue or add small decor items or planters on the shelves for simple style options.