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How to Give Industrial Character to Your Cooking Area

Everyone may not be pleased with it, but industrial style kitchens can uplift any interior if designed and executed correctly. The wood beams, exposed brick walls, rustic pipes, retro appliances and wall-mounted rails are perfect to create an industrial kitchen.

If you are looking for exquisite modern design, an industrial themed kitchen could be the best option for you. But how you can give an industrial touch to your old kitchen style? Here are some simple tips for planning a chic industrial kitchen design for your next renovation project:

  1. Create an Open Space

One fantastic trait of industrial modern kitchen design of London is an open space with high ceilings. The rugged appearance looks visually-striking and airy. Usually, rustic furniture, brick walls and stainless steel appliances are also part of this kitchen theme. The rough textures can quickly bring harmony to the smooth steel surfaces found in this kitchen space.

  1. Material Combination

Another simple trick to add industrial flair to any modern kitchen design is by combining different materials. For instance, you may consider merging leather furnishing with metal floor lamps, stainless steel appliances and aluminium bar stools. It is a perfect material combination for a loft studio or condo. You may even consider picking toned-down colours and choose the right lighting fixtures made out of copper, black steel or brass. The concrete worktops are also perfect for adding a sleek and practical touch to the given space. Besides, you may pick reclaimed wood for your kitchen shelves and island to add industrial decor to your cooking space.

  1. Converted Warehouse Look

If your home, apartment or villa has a vaulted ceiling, you may take advantage of the high ceilings and walls by covering them with sturdy brick-effect finish using red bricks or rough stones with flaking paint. The converted warehouse appearance depends on the structural elements like rafters, wall studs and beams. If adding these elements to your property seems too much of an undertaking, you may even consider adding artificial industrial features, such as a false ceiling. Also exposed fixtures like water sprinklers, AC ducts or plumbing pipes add an excellent accent to your industrial Nobilia kitchens London. Furthermore, adding dark units or balustrades, accessories and metal pendant can give a perfect architectural touch to your kitchen.

  1. Rough simplicity

If your kitchen has exposed concrete walls or brick walls, you may drop a paintbrush and keep them bare. The naked rugged walls are also another critical element of adding perfect aesthetics to your industrial kitchen. Besides, you may add a chalkboard as a splashback or a fun feature into your kitchen. A chalkboard seems to be a practical addition to your kitchen for jotting down your daily to-do list or list of groceries. Moreover, it adds an unfinished look to your kitchen for a perfect industrial kitchen style.

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Urbanisation has lately made industrial style a rage in the world of interior design. Homeowners and interior designers love this modern kitchen design due to its elegant and edgy profile, which is easy to maintain yet chic in appearance.