How to Design Your Dream Bathroom?

If you are doing up your new home or renovating it, then re-doing the bathroom is a great idea. But before you think of bathroom designs in London, you must consider the space that is available to you so that you can plan the layout accordingly and also decide your budget or amount you are ready to shell out before starting on this. You must also make quality choices, so that you are confident that you can depend on the products you opted for the next few years.

So here is a checklist for you when you are updating your dream bathroom.

Planning an efficient layout: You have to manage the water lines, plumbing drains, and vent stacks before you plan anything else. Bathroom floor plans usually are categorised into either one, two or three wet-wall layouts. In case of a one-wall layout, there would be a sink, shower and toilet on one single wall. Though this could be cost-effective, it might seem cluttered. So as a first step, plan your layout well as per the available space and modern bathroom designs.

Space for the sink: You could try integral bathroom sinks, which come in a single piece attached with the vanity counter or under mount bathroom sinks, which are easy to clean. Then there are self-rimming bathroom sinks, which are economical and easy to install.

A luxury statement with a tub
A tub can add a touch of luxury in your GSI bathroom. There could be freestanding bathtubs that rest on claw-and-ball feet or could have a pedestal base. You could also have a tub which is straight-sided and looks like a piece of sculpture. It totally depends on the space you have and how much budget do you have for this.

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A spa shower
Luxury showers can enable in giving you a spa-kind of experience in your dream bathroom. You can also go for various kinds of spray heads or rain showers that soak you from above. If you prefer a hand-held shower, then too there are a variety of choices available. Create a frameless glass door or cabin with some designer tilework to give you a spa shower feel.

Stylish cabinets
When planning a bathroom design in London, cabinets and storage are an important element. The trendy options are double-sink vanities, custom storage hutches or wall-mounted cabinets. By using stylish bathroom cabinetry, you can blend form and function in a way that it makes a style statement for you. You could opt from contemporary, vintage, or traditional and design a GSI bathroom of your choice.

Lighting and flooring
It is the best to have wall-mounted lights on the sides of the mirror at approximately eye level, and another one above the mirror. For your bathroom floors, you should opt for slip-resistant flooring – from ceramic tiles to stone tiles or wooden; there are hundreds of options available.

To design your dream GSI bathroom, include features that can pamper you like water heating arrangement, television or sound systems and closets or storage with all your bath linen and accessories.