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How Can I Make my Bedroom Look Bigger?

Most of us dream of having a huge bedroom with a walk-in closet, giant windows and enough storage space for keeping all our belongings securely. But in cities, most people live in small apartments with a much smaller bedroom.

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you cannot have room for your personal belongings and all your clothes. But storing too much in a tiny space could make it appear smaller and more cluttered. If you follow these tips, you can easily turn a small room into a luxury bedroom design that seems much bigger than you could imagine.

  1. Use neutral colours

Using the right neutral shade, you can easily make a room appear bigger, as it’s all about optical illusion. It is a fact that lighter colours are known to make any given space appear brighter and bigger. Bright and light walls are reflective and make a room feel more spacious and airy.

For a balanced effect, choose soft tones of whites and blues. This is because the brighter your room looks, the bigger it will appear. Also, paint wall mouldings and trims in a lighter shade than the wall. By doing this, the walls will look farther back, making the bedroom seem bigger.

  1. Furniture arrangement

The bed is the biggest furniture piece in a bedroom. So, for small bedroom design London, try to look for a smaller bed or a multi-functional bed with extra storage space. You may even look for a chest that can double up as a side table, a sofa bed with extra drawers or storage underneath.

Place the large furniture items like bed or cupboard against the wall to maximize the available space. It’s best to scale the furniture and accessories to fit into the room size without blocking the pathway. This will help in making the room appear clutter-free and spacious.

  1. Allow natural light to come into the bedroom

By bringing natural daylight into a room, the interior would appear larger. If you don’t have a large window for natural light, you may add creative lighting fixtures to create the illusion of more light in a room. You will be surprised to see how this small addition can turn your room into a luxury bedroom design.

In case there is access to natural light, you must consider having large windows to connect the bedroom to outdoors. Also, use sheer curtains or wall coverings to allow more light into the room. If the view is not that great, you may consider adding plants near your windows for a natural effect.

  1. Remove closet walls

By removing closer walls, you’d have more room in your bedroom. An enclose closet can easily take up all the space in a small bedroom. So, if possible, get the closet walls removed. Instead, look for compact organizers and hangers for the bedroom to place your clothes. To keep the clothes away from dust, you may cover them with an organizer cover or get one custom-made for your open closet.

  1. Find ways to add more storage

From old journals to summer/winter clothes, there are so many items that we have. Your bed could be an easy spot to hide all this underneath. So, look for a bed with storage underneath. If such a bed is not available, you may place your belongings in safe baskets or bags and store them underneath the bed for easy access. The under-utilized space will help in increasing the storage while making a room appear de-cluttered.

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You may even get a DIY or custom-made headboard with unique storage spaces behind it. Look for high and low corners as well. You might be amazed to find so much space in a small bedroom as well.