modern kitchen design

Essentials to Create a Modern Kitchen

The kitchen’s designs and trends keep changing with time. So, homeowners have to stick with their vision to mark their individuality while taking inspiration for modern kitchen styles.

When you want to create a modern kitchen design, you need to take care of certain things to maximize the aesthetics and functionality of the available space. Today’s current kitchen design layout is beautifully characterised by open-spaces, minimalist and streamlined designs, creative storage solutions and a combination of some industrial materials, natural timber and concrete.

Some modern kitchens also feature geometric, minimalist and flat surfaces while embracing the unique and vibrant accents to create a visually-appealing and functional modern kitchen space.

Essentials to Create a Modern Kitchen Design

No matter how you want to arrange your modern kitchen, you must consider that it must evoke a clean, simple, seamless and stunning appearance. To create that minimalist vibe, you need to take care of these essential things when transforming your ordinary-looking kitchen into a chic cooking space:

Open floor plans: Open floor plan is a must for modern kitchen design London. Such interior design has defined yet distinct zone divisions in the whole length of the layout while boasting a monochromatic palette, highlighting the main accents.

Clean spaces: There must be a clean-cut layout promoting the constant flow of order. It must also utilise the space for storage solutions, under-cabinet lighting and hidden outlets for an uncluttered and contemporary appearance. The best thing about modern kitchens is that they maximise the space and light with various reflective elements, such as high-gloss surfaces, glass doors and reflective lighting fixtures.

High-tech accessories: The modern kitchen interior design also includes high-tech accessories for creating elegant and cutting-edge space.

Sleek worktops: The sleek worktops help in providing high-end visual-appeal to the stunning modern kitchen area. You may consider any superior worktop option, such as quartz, laminate, or natural stones like marble, granite, etc. to create a stunning yet sleek worktop in a modern kitchen.

Open shelving and frameless cabinets: Homeowners now prefer open shelving and frameless cabinets that moves with the horizontal lines extending through the full-length doors and drawers. This design configuration helps in creating a seamless and magnified layout in a minimalist kitchen interior. You may even pick handle-free cabinets to give complete smooth appeal to your modern kitchen.

Stylish kitchen doors: Another essential element of contemporary kitchen design is the installation of elegant kitchen doors with horizontal and simple lines to enhance the overall uncluttered and sleek aesthetics of the given space.

Colour ideas for modern kitchen design

The most popular colour options to accentuate your modern kitchen aesthetics are:

  • Warm chocolate or black countertops or cabinets to create a cosy and intimate interior decor.
  • Opt for gold accents to mix-match with the high-shine mirrored kitchen island counters and shiny stainless steel appliances.
  • Choose vibrant and bold hues for highlighting the geometric kitchen designs.
  • Invest in a dining table that blends with the colour of the interior of your kitchen.
  • Use a pop of colour via vases, flowers, serving wares and accents to break the monotony of white kitchen walls.



When creating a modern kitchen design, consider minimalist styles that you prefer the most. Combining your preferences and standard minimalist design ideas will add a unique personality to your kitchen design that you’d enjoy for years, despite the changing kitchen trends.