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Elements to Consider when Designing a Modern Kitchen

To create a modern kitchen design, you need to take care of the minimalist and clean decor. This look is simple yet beautiful, with ample storage and functional areas. While there are so many exciting ways to create a modern kitchen design, it’s essential to consider some crucial elements to create a contemporary interior.

Here are some interesting design elements to include in your modern kitchen design:

White kitchen with coloured bar stools

The modern kitchen design should not mean that it’s essential. There are so many design options for backsplash tiles, cabinet hardware, flooring and lighting. Using these decorative and functional elements, you can create a stylish kitchen. You may even experiment with natural textures and coloured furniture units like bright-hued bar stools to add exciting appeal to your kitchen space.

Stainless Steel

Fresh and clean, streamlined stainless steel appliances in a kitchen also scream modernity. You may even consider stainless steel surfaces in your kitchen. These are also easy to wipe down and clean up the food mess. You may install stainless-steel appliances, hardware, faucets, range hoods and kitchen sinks for creating a streamlined look in a kitchen.

Light Coloured Wood

When paired with stainless steel, light Blonde wood gives a striking industrial vibe to your modern kitchen designs. The flooring, islands, cabinets or butcher block worktops can bring warmness to light wood. The balance of modern cabinets in a light colour with darker elements can help you create a contemporary appeal in your kitchen space.

White Counters

You may choose subtle white marble, granite or quartz countertops to add trendy appeal to your kitchen space. The white countertops with natural swirls or patterns can add a contemporary vibe to your given area. However, it would help if you were careful with spillage over white worktops, as it could leave stains, especially on marble or granite worktops due to their porous surface. So, it’s best to wipe down the spills immediately to avoid any stains.

Colourful Cabinets

To contrast with white countertops, you may consider installing coloured cabinets in a vibrant hue, such as teal, emerald green, burnt orange-red or navy blue, to your kitchen.

Open Shelving

To create stunning Italian kitchens in London, you may consider adding open shelving for storage and decor. Neutral or stainless-steel shelves enable you to display accessories and dishes in your modern kitchen. So, you may consider converting open shelving to eliminate the hassle of opening/closing the cabinet doors. Meanwhile, it helps in opening up the entire kitchen, especially in the galley-style design that’s quite popular in older apartments and homes.


For a colourful accent, you may also consider adding coloured mosaic tiles in your kitchen to add modern style while adding shimmer and colour for customisation and warmth. No matter you choose a design with one or multiple colours, mosaic tiles are great for tying all elements of colour in neutral kitchen design.

Lighting Fixtures

You may consider adding attractive lighting fixtures to your kitchen. You may choose a large chandelier, pendant lamps on dining area/island or geometric lights with clean lines to add streamlined but edgy appeal to your modern kitchen design. You may even choose retro furniture like round tables or retro chairs to soften the interior design a bit.



Using all these fun and creative design elements, you can easily create a modern kitchen design. However, always stick to a specific colour scheme so that a striking contemporary appeal is maintained in a given space.