Easy Ways to Pull off the Sophisticated Black Bathroom

White dominates most modern bathroom designs. But if you’re bored of such similar-looking bathroom ideas, you can add a touch of drama by giving it a sophisticated black makeover.

Black bathrooms have a moment in 2020. They are stylish and also comfortable to blend with other shades. If you’re looking for trendy bathroom designs, you can find some fabulous black bathroom images on Pinterest, Instagram and home decor magazines.

Though, how can you design a black bathroom from scratch? Well, here are some simple ways to pull off a stylish black bathroom design London:

  1. Choose dramatic black wall tiles

Black wall tiles are the best option to design black bathrooms of different sizes. However, you need to consider a black wall for a large family bathroom. Utilising several finishes and textures, you may create a feature tiled wall or inconspicuous backdrop for a classy bathroom space.

  1. Select a black roll top bath

Well, roll top bath can be a considerable investment. Therefore, you need to choose it wisely. You may pick a black roll top bath for a flexible and versatile design combined with any coloured bathroom scheme. For instance, you may pair an iconic black freestanding bath with coordinating GSI bathrooms vanity and mirror to add a monochromatic scheme to the given space.

  1. Pick black statement sink

If you are fed up of those white bathroom sinks, why not pick a black sink? There are so many designs available for black sink – from traditional to ultra-modern. However, a square black sink may steal the show in your dramatic black bathroom with its streamlined appeal.

  1. Trendy black shower

Black showers can also make your bathroom look swoon-worthy. You must check out various black bathroom designs to spruce up the monochromatic scheme in the best way possible.

  1. How about adding black stone?

Stone tiles are also a great option to add to your bathroom walls and flooring. Black stone can add some character to GSI bathrooms.

Moreover, polished finishes make these stones less porous, long-lasting and water-resistant. You may consider adding veined stones like marble or granite to the bathroom to make it appear more elegant and sophisticated.

  1. Paint your bathroom black

If you don’t want to commit to black bathroom fittings and fixtures, you can add a coat of black paint to a feature wall. A fresh coat of paint is enough to spruce up your bathroom. However, you need to search for some of the brilliant bathroom paint ideas to rock this look. Besides painting the walls, you may even consider painting the bathroom floor black. The painted floorboards are trending. So, if you have floorboards in your bathroom, you can paint them black for a real dramatic effect. This DIY job will do a great job of updating your bathroom decor to a dark theme.

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Following the tips mentioned above, it’s easier to add black and dramatic flair to your bathroom decor. However, you must add a black theme to a large bathroom, as black does tend to make a given space appear a little smaller than its actual size. But this would not be a problem if you have a large bathroom.