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7 Easy Ways to Make the Most Out of a Tiny Bathroom

Do you have a tiny bathroom? Trying to fit everything in a small space is no less than a big crossword puzzle. Among a long list of challenges, you have to think about where to put the showerhead, toilet, sink and storage. 

We understand that tiny bathrooms are challenging to design and function. But here are some amazing workarounds to make the most of your petite bathroom. Let’s figure out some simple ways to improve your small bathroom space. 

  1. Choose a Simple Colour Palette 

If you want to make your small Hansgrohe bathroom appear spacious, stick to a simple colour palette. It is because the lighter colours are likely to make rooms appear larger than their actual size. So, it is best to choose neutral paint colours for your small bathroom space. You can think about off-whites, whites, beiges, light grey and light blue shades.

  1. Don’t Skip the Mirror

A mirror is one of the most important features of a bathroom. It not only makes a tiny bathroom appear bigger but also brightens up the given space. Plus, the mirrors add unique character and practicality to a small bathroom. But before choosing a mirror, you need to take the right measurements. It will help you purchase as per the space restraints. 

  1. Install the Right Lighting

Just like a luxury bedroom design, proper lighting can do wonders for your bathroom as well. Too dim, large or bright light won’t do any favours to your bathroom. For small bathrooms, you must opt for sconces above or beside the vanity mirror. You may even opt for installing flush mount lighting on your ceiling. It will brighten up your tiny bathroom without being overwhelming.  

  1. Install a Corner Sink

If a pedestal sink seems to disrupt the traffic lane of your bathroom, go for a corner sink. A corner sink works best than a sink that hampers your shower area. The opening/closing of the shower door will also not be an issue with a corner sink. 

  1. Skip the Shower Door

If your bathroom is only 5-feet wide, it’s not enough to squeeze in a big tub and a toilet. In this condition, you need to opt for a glass panel rather than a glass shower door. This will keep water in the shower area while freeing up the much-needed elbow room in your stylish Crosswater bathrooms.

  1. Storage Behind and Over the Door

You can even consider adding extra storage shelves behind your vanity cabin’s doors. In this area, you can store your hairbrushes, toilet paper, hairdryers, etc. For more storage, you can even add storage over the bathroom door. If you don’t have a vanity with enough cabinet space, then it is a great alternative.

  1. Add Floating Shelving and Hooks

For keeping bathrobes, towels, toiletries and other items, you can consider adding shelving and hooks in your small GSI bathrooms. The floating shelves above the toilet are convenient to store everything – from toilet papers to folded towels. Even hooks are great for increasing vertical storage in your bathroom. 


If you don’t have enough room for a stylish bathroom design London, try these easy-to-follow tips to improve your tiny bathroom space. These tips can make the area feel more spacious than it is. Plus, you’ll be able to make the most out of your tiny bathroom.