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Dos and Don’ts to Achieve a Successful Kitchen Design

The definition of a successful kitchen design would vary from person to person. For some, it would be a kitchen design that is nothing less than extravagant and appealing. Some people would probably consider comfort and functionality to be the top aspects of a modern kitchen design. Whichever category of people you belong to and whatever your preferences are, you should know how you can make the best use of the kitchen space available.

Here are the dos and don’ts to consider for giving your kitchen an ideal and successful design.

Dos of Modern Kitchen Design

Consider the Exact Kitchen Space

After seeing so many lovely and luxurious kitchen designs, people create a long list of things that they would love to have in their kitchens. However, rather than bringing in everything, one should be concerned more about space management here. After all, designing a cluttered and messy kitchen is no one’s aim. For a successful and appropriate kitchen design, you can try optimising the small kitchen space through some smart designing tips and tricks.

Make the Cabinets Touch the Ceiling

You must have seen kitchens wherein the cabinets fall short of the ceiling and people use that extra space on the top for storing different items. The tip here is not to go for this sort of design, as it collects dust and the open storage looks shabby. A better option here would be to extend the cabinets up to the ceiling. There will be no dust on the top and the space can be used as neat and hygienic storage.

Get Help Wherever Required

Some people love doing things on their own, such as redesigning their old kitchen. This is fun and should be done but only if you don’t compromise the quality of work. DIY projects can save your money and keep you busy, but certain tasks are better left to experts. For example, you should seek professional help for the complex plumbing and electrical work in the kitchen. Likewise, relying on leading suppliers of modern kitchen designs is recommended for those who wish to install quality German and Italian kitchens as per their exact specifications.

Make Small Spaces Work

You may be impressed by the open kitchen plans but there is not enough space available in your kitchen for this plan. Rather than trying to push an open kitchen plan into your small kitchen, you should focus on the ways to make your small space work. Always remember that you have to work with whatever you have. So think of ways that can help enhance the look and functionality of the small kitchen space available.

Know When it is Enough

While designing your kitchen, you have to avoid overdoing it. For doing so, you first should know when you need to stop. It is natural to feel the urge to bring in all the good things that you know of, but doing so can make your kitchen appear messy and unappealing. Designing is exciting but you have to make a lot of choices, which can be daunting. Just keep your preferences clear so that the plenty of choices at hand don’t tempt you to make wrong decisions. Do analyse every modern kitchen design element that you come across at least twice on the parameters of your kitchen space availability, theme, overall home design, your budget and requirements.

Don’ts of Modern Kitchen Design

Don’t just Design for One Person

While designing your kitchen, you don’t have to think just about your taste and requirements. You should give equal importance to the needs of the other family members also. For instance, you can install some cabinets and shelves while considering the height of your kids. You should not only design your kitchen based on your present needs but the future also.

Invest in Cheap Cabinets is No Good

Well, this doesn’t go just for the cabinets but also for every other thing that you plan to incorporate in your modern kitchen design. Cheap products go out of use pretty early and demand replacement, whereas the high-quality ones keep functioning normally for many years to come. As kitchen cabinets open and close so many times in a day, they have to be of superior quality and hardwearing with strong hinges.

Don’t Unnecessarily Hold on to Old Stuff

It is good to reuse old things at home but sometimes you should embrace the new and let go of the old. While designing your new kitchen, you should decide what items you can lay off and which new products you can incorporate. Doing this is necessary to make space for the new stuff. If the space is not enough, you can invest in multi-use appliances. For example, you can get home a versatile Bosch mixer whose additional attachments and accessories can help you grind meat, slice, shred, make smoothies, etc.


An ideal kitchen design is a combination of many things and painstaking planning and execution. Such sought-after kitchen designs can be achieved by keeping some important dos and don’ts in mind.