Crosswater bathrooms

Different Bathroom Tap Styles for Modern Crosswater Bathrooms

Bathroom taps are seldom given priority when it comes to styling a restroom. But you cannot deny the fact that they have huge potential to impact the overall interior.

So, we are sharing our top picks for bath, mixer options, freestanding models, and shower levers for you to take your pick. Check out our top favourites to give a stunning makeover to your Crosswater bathrooms with stylish taps:

1. Wall-Mounted Taps

Let’s start with the most space-saving and popular designs – the wall-mounted taps. Emerging from the wall to directly hang over a sink or bathtub, these taps are created in the way you’d expect.

Their visual appeal from the point-of-view of the maximising room is certain. This tap style is sleek and boasts contemporary aesthetics that are perfect for improving the look of a modern bathroom. Plus, they are easy to clean as well.

2. Freestanding Bathroom Taps

Another modern bathroom tap style for contemporary bathrooms is the freestanding model. This floor-mounted, freestanding tap style is opposite to the previous tap style in boasting exposed plumbing and pipes.

Providing versatility, the freestanding taps are a good companion for freestanding bathtubs or other versions situated inside the bathroom. However, the plumbing must be directed to a specific space.

It is a perfect choice for delivering a classy touch to a stylish bathroom.

3. Deck Mounted Taps

This bathroom tap style is known to be traditionally styled with basins or sinks. The tap holes that are drilled into the basin or bathtub rim make a great foundation for attaching to the deck-mounted taps.

This style represents some of the popular tap models on the market. Plus, they deliver the easiest access for plumbing and pipes for transporting water to the basin or bathtub. Plus, those who invest in deck-mounted taps choose between single and double-tap versions too. But it depends on available space, sink style, bathtub and personal preference.

4. Monobloc Bathroom Taps

Monobloc bathroom taps are designed for basins and baths featuring a single tap hole only.

Sometimes referred to as mixer taps, they combine both the hot and cold water streams as they emerge, delivering a comfortably balanced temperature before reaching the sink or bathtub.

Ideal for households where children use the taps regularly, Monobloc models massively reduce the risk of water running scorching hot or cold.

5. Pillar Bathroom Taps

This particular bathroom tap style is most commonly found in UK households. However, it is great for any bathroom interior. The pillar taps are often supplied in a pair and feature separate valves for control water temperature and flow.

These are perfect additions to basins or bathtubs that contain two tap holes – one for the cold tap and one for the hot tap. Although this design mostly falls in the traditional category, there are still many stylish modern exceptions in pillar taps. Therefore, it is considered a great choice for both contemporary and classic spaces.

Crosswater bathrooms’ basin pillar taps are great to add aesthetic appeal to the given space.

6. Countertop Bathroom Taps

With a wide range of countertop bathroom taps available in the market, the high-rise profiles are becoming more dominant. The high mixer taps include stunning rounded design features. Hence, this style makes a significant complementary element besides any sink style. Mostly, this tap style is available only in a single lever, as it provides a more streamlined look and better water control.

7. Bath/Shower Mixer Taps

The bath/shower mixer taps are available in the form of bath fillers and handheld showerheads. The latter one lengthens away from the available tap. So, the combined use of given outlets enables complete body coverage. Hence, it offers them a great overall showering or bathing experience.

8. Bath Filler Taps

The bathtub filler taps have the moniker to define its style better than any detailed explanation. This tap style is perfect to deliver a mix of cold and hot water. And, it usually incorporates handles or levers for controlling the temperature and flow of water. The users find these a dream come true for those who like to bath at an ideal temperature for better relaxation.

One added advantage of bathtub filler taps is that they don’t need a high level of water pressure for operating to full capacity.


Now that you have a good idea of each bathroom taps benefits, properties and drawbacks, you can easily select the right one for your bathroom interior. It is best to look for a professional bathroom tap supplier to offer you various styles in all desired designs. You can shop for the right basin, kitchen, and bath taps online too.