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Checklist of Design ideas to be Borrowed from a pro Kitchen

The professional kitchen is an instrument of art and a factor of productivity. To realise what it is like to be working in a pro kitchen, own one. Or at least, incorporate a few features of a pro kitchen in your space for a safe and seamless cooking experience. Here’s your checklist.

  1. Safety:

Professional German kitchens priorities safety. Take a leaf out of their book and design a place for a fire extinguisher and first aid kit, offering easy access when needed. Food safety should not fly under your radar either; it’s equally important. Have multiple chopping boards to avoid cross-contamination. Prefer silicone-handled knives and graters for incidence-free usage, as silicone ensures a better grip. Tongs and spatulas should be at least 12 inches long and preferably heatproof to negate burnouts. Also, place electrical devices at a safe distance from water.

  1. Shelving:

Open shelving is a standard fixture across pro kitchens. It’s practical, that’s why. No cabinet doors to open and close translate into easy accessibility to dishes, cookware, small appliances, and everything else required for preparing and serving food. Ensure the shelving is sturdy to last the distance and right-sized to accommodate small and large items.

  1. Lighting:

Pro kitchens deliver on energy efficiency, a trait worth borrowing. The design should capitalise on the natural light, particularly during the day to restrict your power bills. Ensure the lighting is just right to illuminate the place; anything extra is a splurge. Heat lamp-styled lights make sense in colder environments, helping maintain temperature and provide enough illumination.

  1. Preparation area:

A cleverly designed food preparation station creates convenience and speed, a hallmark of German kitchens in London. Ensure the preparation area is divided into two parts, one for uncooked foods and the other one for arranging food into batches. Prefer stainless steel sink for washing produce, as stainless steel is hygienic, stain and temperature resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean and upkeep. The same goes for counters for cutting and mixing food.

  1. Ventilation:

In a pro kitchen, temperatures often run high and so do steam and fumes, making it unhealthy and uncomfortable for the staff. That’s where a proper ventilation system steps in. Keep ventilation on priority when remodeling your kitchen or creating a new one from scratch.

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