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Add Modern flair to your Shaker Kitchen

The Shaker Kitchen design made a mark in homes in the 1700s. This kitchen style was intended to add a practical touch to an interior in an organised manner. Even today, this style resonates with many homeowners. But what if you want to spruce up your old Shaker Kitchen with a modern flair? Before thinking of changing this kitchen design, let’s find out what is a Shaker Kitchen.

The Shaker Kitchen Design

Well, there are some basic principles of an original Shaker Kitchen design. The very first feature is the concept of sleek lines and minimalist designs. It is one of the primary reasons why this kitchen style remains popular. This kitchen boasts square-framed cabinets and a front panel that’s repeated throughout a room. However, the minimalist approach distinguishes this kitchen from other traditional designs.

While many homeowners like painted cabinets and doors, some prefer a wood-grain look on cabinets and doors. Moreover, the colours are muted with tones of whites, blues and creams.

Now that you know a Shaker Kitchen, you can add a contemporary flair of German kitchens to this style? Here are some easy ways to gives a modern touch to a Shaker Kitchen:

  1. Use lighter colours

Begin with replacing the colour of walls with lighter shade paint. You may opt for minimal tones like white, off-white, light grey, beige, etc. The bright colour is not only minimal yet modern but also adds a sense of spaciousness to a given area.

  1. Update hardware

Modern and sleek hardware is the plus point of German kitchens in London. Plus, advanced hardware is good enough to change the appeal of the entire cabinets in a kitchen. So, consider replacing old cabinet and drawer pulls with unique and chic hardware.

  1. Replace cabinet doors

Another way to add a modern touch to a Shaker Kitchen is by replacing old square cabinets with a sleek design clad in the high-gloss finish for some glamorous touch. You may even consider adding open shelving to display some of the most delightful collection of glassware or dinnerware.

  1. Switch the lighting

Instead of standard lighting fixtures, you can add elegant pendant lights and chandeliers to give a modern touch to your new Bauformat Kitchens. The lighting will not only brighten up space but also give some character to the most useful area in your home.

  1. Add stainless steel appliances

Another thing you can do to modernise your kitchen is to add some stainless steel appliances or a range hood. Stainless steel appliances complement the minimalist modern kitchen.

  1. Spruce up the breakfast nook

You may throw some pillows and fresh flowers or add a centrepiece to your breakfast spot to give it a stylish and refreshing makeover.

  1. Replace old decor items

You may even change the old fruit bowl with an elegant tray or ginger jar for a small but useful change in the look for your kitchen.

  1. Hide small appliances

Clutter can bring down the entire space. So, it’s best to keep your countertop clutter-free and clear of small appliances, such as blenders, coffee pots, toasters, etc. The clean, clutter-free look is one of the highlighting points of modern kitchen design.

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By following these simple yet useful tips, you can quickly transform any kitchen into a modern and chic space.