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8 Simple Tips to Amp up a Small Bedroom

Decking up a small bedroom may feel impossible at times. You may want to add in as much stuff as possible. But the room will feel cramped that way. We understand you want to add personality to your small bedroom. However, it cannot be done to an extent that your room starts looking cluttered and chaotic.

To maintain a balance, you need to follow some tips to decorate small modern bedroom designs. Whether you live in a minimalist home or a studio apartment, you won’t have to compromise with style if you follow the given tips.

So, without further ado, let’s find out what these tips are to help you spruce up your petite dwelling.

1. Bring in the Light

When you allow natural light to enter, even a small room may open up more. Besides letting the light enter through your windows, you can consider adding more lighting in your small bedroom. If there is no room for table lamps or floor lamps, you can opt for lighting options that take no floor or table space. For instance, you can go for wall scones, pendant lights, or string lights.

2. Keep Large Items on the Room Perimeter

There is no practical reason to ditch your large furniture while decorating a small room. However, you have to make strategic decisions to keep it in the right place. You have to maintain a feeling of depth by placing large items like bookcases, hutches, etc. against the wall.

3. Use Accent Mirrors

You can use accent mirrors in your small room to add more light and a feeling of extra space. This is possible, as mirrors reflect the natural light and give an illusion of extra space. You can consider adding a large mirror in your room or creating a gallery of wall mirrors like artwork.

4. Have Multi-Purpose Furniture

You need to look for multipurpose furniture to save money and space. For instance, you can look for a dresser with ample storage, a chaise with a storage box underneath, and a bed with multiple drawers and storage units. Such furniture items will help you to keep the clutter out of sight. You may even consider adding beds that can be turned into side tables and couches in the morning. This will help you use the furniture in two different ways without sacrificing the style and available space in your bedroom.

5. Get rid of Unwanted Stuff

One of the main advantages of a smaller bedroom design London is that it somehow forces you to keep a limited amount of belongings in your home. This is how you end up de-cluttering or getting rid of things that don’t serve you a purpose anymore. These things can be useless, impractical, or something that’s not bringing you joy anymore. If you are struggling to get rid of unwanted things, you need to take help from your partner or friend. After all, decorating a small bedroom means keeping only the things that you use. Otherwise, you’ll end up making the space feel overcrowded.

6. Consider Being Creative with Storage

Various storage options are practical and decorative. You need to choose furniture that is aesthetic and also comes with additional storage. For instance, you can choose ottomans for storing linens and under-bed storage like chic cabinetry. You got to find various ways to keep your items without shoving things in just one closet.

7. Use Huge Rugs

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, it’s all about tricking the eye to make the area appear spacious than it is. When you use mall rugs in a small bedroom, you are seeing and thinking small. But by decorating it with large rugs, you add a sense of grandeur to your room. This ultimately makes the room appear bigger by tricking the eyes to feel so.

8. Make the Most of Vertical Space

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, you cannot neglect the walls. You have to make the most of your vertical space. It means you have to play around with tall items. So, affix the walls with art and shelving with vertical depth in addition to the spaciousness you worked for creating more floor space. If you have a beautiful vase but don’t know where to keep it, you can install a shelf on a wall for keeping that vase. And when you hang the drapes, you may consider installing the rod around 2-inches below your ceiling. This will create an illusion of additional height.


You have to follow your instincts while decorating modern bedroom designs. You don’t have to work with anything that doesn’t seem right. The aim here is to make the most of the available space to maximize the possibilities of a small room. You must show off the best sides of a room. There is no set design rule for this; however, the tips mentioned above can help you sort things.