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7 Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas for a Lasting Impact

Small, little, tiny…. these words have their different connotations. These terms also let us conclude, decide on how much to eat, how to decorate and how to live – especially in a restricted space. Small is always reasonable yet beautiful.

So when it comes to homes, a small kitchen space need not feel like a culinary drudgery or prison sentence. It doesn’t need to feel like a punishment like your tight dress that you cannot fit in anymore. Here are some golden small modern kitchen design ideas for you:

1. Switch Kitchen Cabinets with Drawers

It is best to replace your kitchen cabinets with pull-outs or racks in your cabinets. It will help you save a lot of space. This idea is practical because cupboards cannot store as many items as pull-outs and drawers can. Even a lot of space is wasted on stored items in a cabinet.

Besides, all objects in a drawer are easily accessible and visible in pull-outs. Moreover, three to four drawers can easily fit in the available space of a cupboard. This way you get to create a more organized arrangement than cupboards.

2. Open Shelves

Installing open shelves is another way to keep frequently used things within the hand’s reach. Since open shelving is inexpensive, you get to display your fancy dishware without spending too much money. Plus, you get to make your kitchen appear more inviting.

3. Pot Racks

The pot racks not only appear stunning but also are practical, as they are easily accessible. Heavy vessels and pans take a lot of space in cupboards. But pot racks are a clever way to store your kitchen utensils without taking up too much space in your small kitchen.

4. Mirrors in Small Kitchen

Since mirrors reflect light, it’s a great addition to small kitchens to make the area appear larger and brighter. You can go for mirrored cabinet panels or drawers around your kitchen for stunning impact. The light-reflecting mirrored surroundings in a kitchen will make your small kitchen seem bigger. Meanwhile, it creates a stunning visual impact.

5. Metallic Sheen

Installing stainless steel in German kitchens or any other kitchen style is a great way for a modern and trendy appeal. The silvery sheen elegantly reflects the surroundings and hence, space appears bigger just like a kitchen with mirrored surfaces. Meanwhile, this design trend creates visual interest and adds another dimension to the given space.

6. Glass Doors

The glass doors elegantly make small kitchens appear bigger because they give an illusion of a cooking area extending into your living area or dining area. It also works amazingly if the glass doors open into a balcony or garden area.

7. Stick to a Single Colour Palette or the Same Hues

Make sure to stick to a single colour palette or hues from one colour family for a seamless appearance without obstructions. However, if you like to experiment with more colours, you can stick to only two to three colour variations in a small kitchen. The best idea for a small kitchen is to go for a neutral backdrop with bright hues in cabinet handles, appliances and backsplash.


Small kitchens are a great canvas for testing your decor and design skills. If you take a creativity challenge, you can create amazing decor with the mentioned small kitchen design ideas. So, do give it a try!