5 Top Features of Leicht Kitchens

Leicht is one of the top brands famous for its premium quality and luxury kitchen designs. The brand makes each design for kitchens with durable frames, fine coating and all-around carcase edging. Offering various price ranges, this luxury brand also ensures that customers get amazing kitchens within their budget without sacrificing quality.

The whole team behind Leicht kitchens London adopts an innovative approach and advanced technology to offer modern kitchens. They also stick to their signature style, making it easier to offer modifications and provide unique designs. Because of this, the brand has sustained its popularity for originality.

Whether it is kitchen cabinetry, lighting, accessories, or cabinet handles, every category comes in distinct price ranges. Another good thing about their products is that they are available in personalised designs. It means that customers get complete control over their product preferences, along with its price, making their premium kitchen designs attractive for homeowners with different tastes. Due to their consistency in providing flexibility and new ideas, the brand has become a leading kitchen manufacturer in the UK.

Leicht Kitchen Range and Finishes

For those seeking flexibility in kitchen design, size and colour, Leicht offers lovely solutions for meeting the requirements of an individual’s dream cooking space. Whether traditional or modern designs, they offer fantastic options, including Elegant Bondi, Charismatic Concrete, and more.

If we talk about their modern styled kitchens, these are available in striking designs like Contino and Avance styles. Both the styles are available with deep-set handles that you may choose in preferred colours. You may even select them in distinct sizes and shapes for catering to your needs. This brand will not disappoint you when it comes to modern kitchen design options.

Now coming to the traditional style, Leicht has a beautiful range for homeowners with classic taste. The brand is also consistent with its advanced functionality and modern requirements. Their traditional style kitchens are the epitomes of elegance and refinement but with endless design possibilities.

Kitchen Accessories

Leicht also provides you with a wide range of kitchen accessories to organise things in the cooking space. With their new kitchen style, you will get an opportunity to organise and access tableware, cutlery, small appliances, utensils and cookware smartly. Their pantries are well-arranged to store food items and other cooking ingredients. Even their versatile cookware units are perfect for storing small appliances.

You can pick from their vast range of cutlery and utensils to knives and trays. Plus, these accessories are available in various finishes like solid wood, wood veneer and synthetic. There are also some creative storage options, such as bottle racks, plate storage, anti-slip mats and bread bins.

Why Choose Leicht Kitchen for Your Home?

For more than 80 years, Leicht kitchens London has been on the top with its wide range of kitchen collections. Here are the top five qualities that make Leicht kitchens London so popular among homeowners.

1. Top-notch Style

With a better understanding of the time-honoured design values found in traditional kitchens, the brand blends those values in their modern and practical kitchen units. With the combination of modernity and tradition, this kitchen brand offers the best for your home. Moreover, their kitchen designs are striking with top-notch style, along with the ability to withstand daily wear and tear. Hence, their kitchen designs meet all modern requirements of homeowners.

2. Functional

Leicht kitchens boast various advanced features like back-lit drawers, huge pull-out cupboards, and angled corner units. With these features, these units make working in kitchens more convenient. Meanwhile, they dedicate significant efforts to making maximum use of the given space with higher flexibility for the user.

3. Style and Ambience

With soothing colours and lit utensil rails, the kitchen designs appear more warm and welcoming. These also come in various materials, finishes, and effects for creating any preferred interior style. Therefore, homeowners get to have the desired kitchen ambience and decor style.

4. Detail

Leicht kitchens are known for coordinating with the most delicate details. Meanwhile, these designs ensure to maintain harmony and elegance. They also pay close attention to the detail of every kitchen element, such as a countertop, cabinet and more. Hence, homeowners get the utmost safety, stress-free storage and satisfaction in a kitchen design. It’s all possible due to their team of experts who ensure every detail is taken care of at the installation time.

5. Flexibility

Leicht also offers flexibility to the homeowners when choosing from their extensive range of kitchen designs. From layout to various materials, homeowners can choose any desired kitchen design per their preference. Their specialists also advise you during the entire designing process. So, you get the perfect personalised kitchen design experience for meeting your needs.


Leicht kitchens are the epitome of perfection and beauty. To maintain their years of reputation, their designers ensure to meet every small requirement of homeowners despite their project scale. The brand even works on bringing new finishes and design options to meet the ever-changing trends. So, it is easier for homeowners to find their dream kitchen style without much hassle.