10 Tips for Giving Your Kitchen an Expensive Look

It’s an expensive proposition to renovate the entire kitchen. One needs to include changing appliances, décor, and countertops, along with other details. However, if your budget ties you, then by just refurbishing a few things, you can bring about a considerable change and still make it look classy expensive.


  1. Using lighter colours on walls:A light coloured-wall or cabinets immediately brighten a room, and it’s a known fact that any area looks more spacious than it is. Light colours look classy, expensive and also reflect light. Having light coloured cabinets in your German kitchen of London also helps in hiding scratches and dents in your old kitchen cabinets.
  2. Get new cabinet doors: Replacing worn-out cabinet shutters or doors or refurbishing your old kitchen cabinet doors or shelves would give your kitchen an instant fresh and sleek look. You could add high-gloss laminate or glass doors to bring glam quotient or create open shelves to showcase your beautiful pieces of crockery.
  3. Touch of marble magic: Who doesn’t want marble in their kitchen? It reflects elegance, style, and luxuriousness. You could buy marble tiles for a popular backsplash, or change some part of your flooring or countertop to bring an expensive look in your German kitchen.
  4. Lavish lighting: Using stylish low hanging light fixtures tends to give the illusion of a high ceiling while giving it a sleek and opulent look. Handing extravagant lamps, especially on top of kitchen islands and dining areas, is a perfect idea.
  5. Changing the old hardware: Replacing your old hardware like cabinets and drawer pulls can help bring in an exciting element. You could use different designs for cabinet knobs and drawer pulls; however, you should ensure to stay with the same finish to get a sleek look.
  6. New faucet: Buying a sleek new faucet for your German kitchen London that matches your cabinet hardware will instantly add a chic and expensive-look to your sink.
  7. Keep away your appliances:Besides the daily-use items like the coffee maker or toaster, you should keep your blenders, mixers and other appliances in your German kitchen that you use sparingly at bay as it will make the counter clean and clutter-free.
  8. Enhance your window:If your kitchen has a huge window, you could dress it up with beautiful, flowy curtains or classy blinds to instantly style your kitchen.
  9. Style your breakfast corner: Add a dash of punch in your breakfast nook by throwing some cushions, a beautiful centrepiece, or a vase with fresh flowers.
  10. Use artwork on a blank wall: Elevate a dull wall with a big and bold artwork to give it an illusion of a bigger space.

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