Nolte Bedroom Furniture


After a hectic day, everybody wants to rest and sleep in comfort that can only be found in a bedroom. At Romans Haus, our goal is to create your dream bedroom that you may personalize in accordance with your desires for modernity, luxury and spaciousness. We bring Nolte bedroom to your home that gives you the freedom for a makeover. Nolte is a recognised brand for elegant and functional bedroom designs.

We ensure to meet your practical needs and target to create a place of retreat with our selection of Nolte bedroom for your family. Nolte’s enriching designs maintain harmony and peace at your place of relaxation. Moreover, these bedrooms are designed in a way that leaves a lot of storage space for you to organize your things without chaos.

From beds and side tables to sliding or hinged wardrobes, we offer it all coordinated. We also ensure that our bedroom furniture and accessories match well with your home interiors. Our bedroom wardrobes are available in a wide range of textures, colours and finishes. Thus, it is now easy for you to create a haven where you may not only spend the moments of joy with your loved ones but you may also spend some me-time.

modern bedroom designs

Make your sleeping place your dream space with Nolte Bedrooms.

A bedroom is more than a place to rest your head – it is a sacred space, a haven, a retreat. At Roman Haus, we believe it is critical to reach the perfect pitch of bedroom comfort and functionality. In Nolte Bedrooms, we have a supplier that matches our passion for elegant and nourishing design to satisfy a client’s practical needs.

Nolte’s creations evidence an understanding of the purpose the bedroom serves in a home, providing space and storage in a way that enhances, rather than interrupting, the harmonious flow of peace and comfort.


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