Luxury and Modern Bedroom Design

At Roman Haus we believe a bedroom is more than a place to sleep – it is a sanctuary. Let us help you create the restful havens you and your family deserve with our expert bedroom design.

The bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; rather it’s the final piece of the dream-house puzzle. When creating this restful haven, even a little error in planning or execution can be catastrophic to the entire property, which otherwise is as prim and proper as you are. At Roman Haus, we have a pedigree in creating solution-focused living spaces for Londoners with remarkable precision and purpose. Our 20 years of experience, execution capabilities, intimacy with design principles and collaborative approach help us to deliver awe-inspiring outcomes project by project. Our bedroom designs in London are as unique as you, manifesting your persona, redefining your style and hitting the sweet spot between aesthetics and function.

We exclusively work with Nolte, a German speciality brand revered for tailoring bedrooms to your exact specifications and expectations, to create bespoke personal retreats in line with the minimalistic decor principles. Nolte empowers us to usher in clear lines, ample free space, vibrant palette and comforting ambience – the hallmarks of a truly modern luxury bedroom design.

Bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and drawers, every bedroom furniture piece is impeccably designed to meet the highest standards in looks, ergonomics, longevity and utility. Our designers are happy to personalize each detail – measurements, finish, designs and more to your convenience and preference. Plus, all Nolte modern bedroom designs are readily available – CONCEPT ME, CEPINA, LIVIA, and NOVARA – to cater to any variance in demand.

modern bedroom designs

Make your sleeping place your dream space with Nolte Bedrooms – reaching the perfect pitch of bedroom comfort and functionality.


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