Roca Laufen embodies practical sophistication steeped in tradition and ultra-modern design concepts. The Swiss brand amalgamates inspiring Italian designs and Northern European engineering to deliver flawless bathroom ceramics for buyers prioritizing form and function. In a journey of over 125 years, Laufen has redefined styles, infused new life into bathrooms and garnered customer loyalty across regions and countries. All along, a string of prestigious awards for inventive products, collections and materials alike have also come thick and fast.

Laufen’s focus on clean lines and tidy surfaces has been epic, making it one of the coveted contemporary bathroom brands globally. The brand shows an inventive predilection, ushering in elegance, comfort and hygiene – the elements that drive sales and creates brand loyalty. For instance, in multiple Laufen product lines, unsightly overflows and drains are concealed and nooks harbouring pathogens are eliminated. Certain ingenious features to boost performance, longevity and efficiency in water usage are a permanent fixture across all collections.

Romans Haus continues to be the only stop needed for Roca bathrooms in London. We leverage our time-tested association with Laufen to tailor bathrooms to your design preferences. Just get in touch with us and see how we bring your vision into a functional reality.

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Creating more than just a bathroom.

Steeped in tradition but guided by ultra-modern design principles, Laufen of Switzerland is geographically placed to deliver the best of European bathroom ceramics. For over 125 years, this company has united the emotive heights of Italian design with northern European engineering to produce bathrooms which serve and delight.

The beauty of a Laufen bathroom belies its practical sophistication, delivering unparalleled efficiency in water usage without sacrificing aesthetic enjoyment.