Hansgrohe Bathroom


For more than 120 years, Hansgrohe has remained a leading brand in the bathroom appliance industry. Now, you can also bring its powerful German engineering and efficient design to your home. We install Hansgrohe bathroom in homes across the UK. If you have been looking for nothing but the best, we make sure that you get it. Whether these are showers and taps or other bathroom fixtures, Hansgrohe merges the emotions and technology in all its products.

Every Hansgrohe bathroom design focuses on displaying a balance between the striking visual elements and high efficiency. We choose a style based on your preferences for your bathroom. While some homeowners may like to go for a sensual design, others may prefer to experiment with water. Whatever your choice is, the bathrooms from Hansgrohe stay there for life.

At Romans Haus, we embrace this new dimension to design when we renovate bathrooms. With our range of Hansgrohe shower systems, bathtubs, basins, thermostatic mixers and other accessories, you can turn your bathroom into an exciting space that refreshes and rejuvenates you in no time. The inspiring products from Hansgrohe are a great addition to any home that needs integration of quality and aesthetics.

hansgrohe bathroom

German engineering meets iconic design.

German-based Hansgrohe is one of the most recognised names in bathroom appliances – a reputation that has been built on almost 120 years at the forefront of the industry. Balancing the visual with the emotional, the efficient with the sensual, Hansgrohe taps, showers and general bathroom fixtures invite one to experience a new way of being with water.

Underpinning this evocative design is meticulous German engineering know-how that ensures long service life from all the company’s products. A Hansgrohe bathroom is for life.