Crosswater Bathrooms


Many of the dreams are dreamt in the bathroom, and for that reason, you deserve nothing but the most luxuriously designed bathrooms that drive your imagination. With our more than 20 years of experience in designing home spaces, we make sure to deliver nothing but the best. At Romans Haus, we introduce you to the richest brands that offer perfectly fitting bathrooms. This includes the carefully crafted designs of Crosswater bathrooms.

Crosswater is a leading name in the industry when it comes to originality and innovation. The brand has a fine understanding of the modern day bathroom needs. From bathroom furniture to taps, showers, shower enclosures, basins and accessories, we present to you the best from Crosswater. The designs of Crosswater bathrooms display attention to detail and elegance. Whether these are bathtubs or toilets, all the pieces are curated to support bathroom hygiene.

We design, redesign and renovate bathrooms according to your specifications and your family’s need for a functional bathroom space. The top-quality Crosswater ceramics and brassware are handpicked to arrive at a bathroom that you have always desired in your home. The range of contemporary Crosswater bathroom designs offers infinite possibilities when it comes to matching your uniqueness and style.

Crosswater bathrooms

20 years of constant innovation and refinement have earned Crosswater a reputation as one of the leaders in luxury bathroom design, as well as a trusted place in Roman Haus’ portfolio of elite brands.

Crosswater bathrooms all share a distinctive elegance and attention to detail, though the breathtaking design options in their collection ensure that each installation is stamped with originality and flair. Available in a thoughtful range of contemporary designs, Crosswater taps, brassware, showerings, furniture and ceramics consistently provide us with the tools we need to create the bathroom you yearn for.